Naagin 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Naagin 4th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Shivangi is set to kill Uttara when Nidhi enters and is surprised to peer Shivangi is as nagin. She tries to run. Shivangi holds her, and she or he pleads to spare her. Shivangi looking to relax Nidhi frees Uttara. Uttara runs shouting she will even die like her mom. Shivangi turns snake and follows Uttara. Rocky enters Panchner haveli and thinks badi maa informed their ancestral key’s hidden in haveli. He unearths a guide and reads about icchadhari nags. He thinks what’s on this haveli. He searches round and unearths Rithik’s father’s percent, wipes it and seeing face realizes it’s Shivangi’s father’s portray, however why he’s in king’s apparel. He then sees an indication on wall and thinks he noticed it someplace. He reads e-book additional concerning the signal. He touches it and will get surprise, thinks

what is going on to him. He touches signal once more and will get at the different aspect of wall, thinks the place did he come.

Uttara rushes to Yamini and says her bahu Shivangi is icchadhari nagin. Yamini says her drama began once more. Nidhi runs in and says Uttara is true, Shivani had gripped Uttara in her tail. Yamini leaves at a loss for words. Shivangi comes there and Nidhi warns her to not kill Uttara. Shivangi says those other folks killed my mom, there are overall eight folks. Uttara asks to inform how she killed Nidhi’s husband Manav. Shivangi says she killed Manav, however he used to be amongst eight individuals who killed her mom. She pushes Nidhi and grips Uttara and warns her to inform how she killed her mom. Utttara shouts if she is going to kill her. Shivangi says sure and grips her extra tightly. Uttara unearths that she killed Rocky’s mom and Yamini killed Rocky’s father. They are four companions; she, Yamini, Avantik and icchadhari nagin Sesha. Shivangi unearths that Yamini, Sesha, Avantika, Vikram, Manav, Kapalika, and a couple of others killed her mom and others right through marriage. Nidhi is surprised.

Rocky reaches close to nagmani and seeing is brightness thinks if that is actual nagmani. He tries to pick out it and sees seshnag status in entrance of him. Seshnag warns how dare he is making an attempt to scouse borrow nagmani from his coverage, he’s going to be punished. He grips Rocky in his tail. Shivangi at the different aspect warns Shivangi to spare her, else she is going to die. Shiangi bites and kills her. Nidhi collpases seeing this. Shivangi shakes her and tries to wake her up. Yamini returns to her room considering she spent entire day dreaming about nagmani, she is going to return and sleep. Shivangi hides Uttara’s lifeless frame and Nidhi. Yamini sees crimpled blanket and thinks any person had come right here, searches and de snot in finding someone and sleeps. Shivangi is noticed griping Nidhi and Uttar in her tail on roof. Rocky at the different aspect pleads seshnag to spare him, he does now not want mani. Seshnag reminisces he’s Shivangi’s husband and frees him and asks to go back from the place he got here. Rocky runs.

Shivangi takes Nidhi to Shiv mandir. Rudra asks why did she convey Nidhi right here. Shivangi says she didn’t have some other choice. Nidhi wakes up and pleads Nidhi to not kill her. Shivangi says she won’t hurt her and says she will have to be surprised hearin she killed Manav. Nidhi says a spouse is aware of about her husband smartly, Manav didn’t love her in any respect and used to be an womanizer. Badi maa got here to their space unexpectedly, she didn’t understand why then, now she learned. She tells Rocky’s oldsters followed her when she used to be 16 years previous and were given her married to Manav. They intended so much for her. She is aware of Shivangi is flawed for othrs, however for her, she is true, she is going to lend a hand her take her mom and Rock’s mum or dad’s revenge. Shivangi hugs her and emotionally says she knew she is going to lend a hand her. Nidhi sees Vikram and walks against her. Guruji stops her and says this is a toxic magical barrier, they may be able to see Vikram however he can not see them. Nidhi says Vikram used to be lifeless. Shivanig says even they idea similar, however Avantika had hidden him. She married Rocky to take revenge, however she loves him now and as soon as she takes revenge, she is going to spend a standard lifestyles with Rocky. Rudra thinks he’s going to take Shivangi ceaselessly after her revenge completes. He asks the place is Uttara’s frame. She says at the back of Yamini’s mattress.

Sushanth wakes up and unearths himself subsequent to Gautami with Gautami simply draped in bedsheet. He thinks what is going on to him and is going to terrace His head begins revolving. Gautami wakes up and sees herself simply draped in a bedsheet, sees Sushanth’s garments on flooring and learned he didn’t one thing. She clothes up and calls him, however he can not pick out as his head continues revolving. She hears him shouting on terrace.

Shivangi reaches her room and sees Rocky coming. She acts as slumbering. Rocky enters and sees her seeing on left aspect, thinks when he left she used to be sound asleep on proper aspect. Shivangi wakes up. He asks if she is aware of what she did ultimate night time. She says no. He says she used to be closely under the influence of alcohol. She says she does now not know. He says she used to be slumbering at the proper aspect at night time, now napping at the left, method she aroused from sleep within the center. Shivani says will have to have for water and thinks why he’s wondering her such a lot, she has to head test if Rudra concealed Utttara’s frame or now not. Rocky asks her to attend until he returns after converting his garments. Shivangi thinks she can not even move now.

Gautami is going to terrace and sees Sushanth smirking. He says she will have to now not come to satisfy him incessantly. She asks if he used to be in her room entire night time. He laughs and says she is calling as though she does now not know anything else, they have been closely under the influence of alcohol and were given intimate. He attempted to steer clear of her, however she were given romantic. He leaves smirking. Gautami thinks she trusts herself and can not do anything else fallacious, Sushanth will have to have pressured her.

Rudra enters Yamini’s room and fumes if he had now not sought after to offer protection to Shivangi’s fact, he would have killed Yamini at this time even together with her garud kavach on. He grips Uttara and crawls against window. Yaminii wakes up coughing and seeing window will get afraid considering what if a nag/nagin input in and kill her. She will get up and closes it and slips on her footwear. Rudra hides underneath mattress with Uttara’s lifeless frame. Yamini is going again to sleep. Rudra crawls out considering Uttara’s frame is stinking and she or he has to take it out prior to everybody wakes up. He walks out against stairs when he hears Aaliya coming and calling her cousins and hides at the back of curtains. Aaliya and her cousin’s dialogue begins.

Shivani wanders in rooom considering why Rocky’s is behaving bizarre nowadays. She choices telephone to name Rudra and in finding out if he were given out Uttara’s frame. Rocky comes and asks if she is doing morning stroll in room itself, if she needs to name somebody. She says no. He says allow us to sleep for someday then and presentations her guide and says he learn it, if she is aware of any ichadhari nag/nagin. She says no and thinks why he’s wondering such a lot.

In the morning, Yamini with circle of relatives sits for breakfast and asks the place is Uttara, she in most cases involves her room with inexperienced tea. Nidhi says she will have to have long past out. She then thinks if Sesha is actually ichadhari nagin and asks what’s she.. Sesha asks what… Nidhi says not anything. Shivangi thinks Rudra will have to have taken away Uttara’s lifeless frame. Nidhi opens refrigerator and unearths Uttara’s lifeless frame in it.

Precap: No precap these days.

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