Music of the heart {Chapter 9}

Pragya reaches to her house and is going into Purab room hurriedly.Pragya”Kya hai Chico?” Purab does now not talk anything else and sighs stay silence.Pragya simply nods her head. Purab”Ithink so you’re very drained Teddy.So that you simply pass and sleep on your room. Pragya”But..” Purab”No drawback Teddy sleep now.”Pragya”haan good enough.

Pragya’s telephone rings.She fears.Purab eyes her to speak.Pragya”Hello.” Person”Wow darling!! what an appearing!! Do u know I’m inspired!!!” Pragya does now not answer anything else. Person”Hmm.. You wont respond to me na Anamika darling?” Pragya”How have you learnt that identify?” Person”I stated you na. I do know each task of your’s pricey. Pragya seems at Purab helplessly. Purab eyes her to not fear.

Person”Keep going like this darling.Bye” and cuts the telephone. Pragya” He won’t depart us Chico.He won’t allow us to are living in peace” and cries.. Purab consoles her.

Next day,

Pragya involves the place of work. Raghav involves her. Ragahv”Good morning mam!’ Teddy”Good morning Raghav”

Raghav”Mam! Abhi sir advised you to return to his cabin quickly after your arrival.”Teddy”huh? however why?” Raghav”I don’t know mam.But he requested you to return.” Teddy”OK.I will be able to meet him now.” and walks against Abhi’s cabin.

Abhi used to be keenly running in his pc till he heard the door creaking. Without setting out his eyes from the pc, he stated”Good morning Ms.Anamika.”

Teddy questioned how he may just in finding it used to be her as she walked inside of.Abhi”Don’t be suprised that i discovered you with out even taking a look at you Ms.Anamika.” he stated and she or he used to be surprised.

Abhi didn’t take his eyes off his pc and stated” Shocked?” Teddy nodded her head.Abhi”Even I’m surprised?”

Teddy thinks why he need to be surprised? Abhi”The explanation why i’m surprised is a secret Ms.Anamika.”

She can’t regulate and requested to him”Sir have you learnt ind studying?” Abhi now checked out her and smiled and stated”Hmm.Idon’t read everybody’s thoughts.But i do know what’s going on in my family members thoughts”

Teddy’s pov

Like critically? He calls me his liked one? Yes i’m his maximum beloved one.But now it’s not that i am his fuggy.I’m Anamika proper?

Abhi”Don’t be so perplexed Anamika.Now it’s time and for those who pop out of your ideas,are we able to get started our paintings?”

She nodded her head and Abhi requested her to seat in the seat infront of him. Teddy sat in the chair. Abhi began explaining her about the corporate, her paintings, their friends and the entirety while Teddy used to be misplaced in his eyes.She used to be preserving on taking a look at him.

Abhi checked out her and understood that she used to be misplaced in her dream land and stated”Fuggy” and she or he got here again to her senses.

Teddy”hana.Did you name me sir?” Abhi”no.”Teddy idea one thing and requested”Wait..Did you name me Fuggy?”

Abhi nodded no and stated”Ms.Anamika,you have been misplaced on your dreamland in order that you even misheard that i referred to as you by your identify.”

Teddy”No sir..But I felt that you simply referred to as me with the identify fuggy.” Abhi”Ms.Anamika.I feel so you’re having schizophrenia.”

Teddy glared at him and stated”SO, are you looking to say that i’m listening to voices sir?” Abhi”NO.. Ms.Anamika..I din’t imply that method.I stated I feel so..”

Teddy raised her eyebrows and stated” You idea? This is so humorous sir.” and she or he takes her issues.

Abhi”Where are you leaving Ms.Anamika?”Teddy”Since the assembly has finished,would possibly i’m going to my cabin?”

Abhi”For that, you will have to include me Ms.Anamika” Teddy”Sure sir.” Abhi took her to the subsequent room.Abhi” This is your cabin Ms.Anamika”

Teddy”Thank you sir” Abhi smiles and is going.

Abhi is going to cabin and appears thru the glass what Teddy is doing. sure there used to be a tumbler which separated Abhi and Teddy’ cabin.Abhi may just see no matter Teddy is doing however Teddy couldn’t see anything else from her cabin.

One week finished and Everyday maximum of the time Abhi spent taking a look at her from his cabin which went left out by Teddy. He used to be holding on giving little shocks to her and stored on fooling round her advert deficient Teddy she too believed that it used to be true.

She used to inform all the tales to Rabul and Praniti they usually used to confuse her even more and she or he believed that she used to be imagining issues.

The something which used to be haunting her the maximum used to be the calls of that idiotic individual which might make her move all numb. Abhi has been observd her from the different aspect an used to be questioning why she needed to be soo critical and soetimes even used to cry as a result of of that decision.

on every occasion she cries,his heart ached and he sought after to head instantly and console her. And for each name he used to be getting more and more livid and sought after to kill that individual for hurting his fuggy like that.But he waited patiently as he had one thing in his thoughts..

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Music of the heart Chapter nine .

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