Meri Durga 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Meri Durga 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with the woman asking the person to write down her identify, she is going to run with boys. The guy asks are you mad, what is going to you do. She says I will be able to win, what else. He asks will you win over boys. She says sure, please agree, its giant factor for me, I’ve to win race for my dad’s glasses, take my identify. Her pals reward Durga. The guy says let her run if she needs.

Yashpal enters the race floor. The women race starts. Durga needs she may just run with the women. Coach seems to be on and does now not in finding Durga within the women staff. He will get unhappy. He thinks that woman gained quicker than this winner. He asks did that woman come. The guy says no. The guy pronounces the men race, a woman will race with the men nowadays, everybody see. Durga smiles. Coach turns to peer and sees Durga. He says she has come.

Everyone clap for Durga, who’s competing with boys. Coach seems to be at her. Coach appears on and thinks she is the only. Durga says I m now not monkey to leap like them, I will be able to simply run, I m scared. Bansi is going. Durga stands on her place. Coach smiles and begins the timer. The boys run forward. Durga begins past due. Coach thinks why is her velocity sluggish these days. Durga sees the kite and smiles. She runs quicker than the men after seeing the kite. Bansi flies the kite to make her win.

Durga runs quicker. Everyone reward her. Coach sees her velocity. Bansi bites the thread and leaves the kite within the air. The kite is going some distance. Durga runs seeing the kite. Her pals cheer for her. The guy says this woman has long past forward of the men. Durga smiles seeing the kite and runs. The guy asks his pal to return and notice the woman, who’s operating quicker than boys. Yashpal hears this and is going to peer the race. Durga falls down and will get harm. The guy says the woman has fell down. The boys run forward. Yashpal thinks the woman who used to be operating has fell down. Coach says rise up….. He sees her and thinks she were given harm in her knee. Durga will get up and begins operating once more. Yashpal is going and does now not see Durga. Durga sees the glasses at the poster and thinks of Yashpal. She begins operating once more. Coach says nice and smiles.


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