Mere Angne Mein 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus Mere Angne Mein 10th March 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Aarti hiding from Kaushalya. Kaushalya takes the grains from storeroom. She sees the papers and thinks the storeroom does now not get blank all the time. She cleans the storeroom. Aarti worries. Kaushalya leaves. Aarti hides anyone coming once more and hides. Nimmi exams few issues. Aarti waits for her to go away. Nimmi is going. At night time, Aarti is going to kitchen and takes some meals. She sits consuming.

Its morning, Nimmi looks after child. Kaushalya provides tea to Shanti. She says I m a lot nervous. Shanti asks her to name pandit these days, we will be able to identify the child, Riya’s Tervi is after 10 days, so we will be able to do child’s Naamkaran these days. Shivam comes there. Nimmi thinks he’s going to see the infant. Shivam remains indignant. He takes Shanti’s blessings and leaves. They fear.

Shanti takes child in lap

and thinks what identify to stay. They cry. Its night, Kaushalya tells Shanti that first meals used to be disappearing, and now sarees additionally disappeared. Shanti says nice, get tea, then I will be able to get a brand new saree for you. Its night time, Aarti is going to kitchen and takes some meals. She sits there and eats meals. She sees the tulsi plant. She lighting fixtures diya and prays. She cleans the ground and does paintings.

Its morning, Shanti wakes up and says Kaushalya ended all of the paintings nowadays, she has to regulate Riya’s daughter all day. Kaushalya talks to child and says you’ll now not really feel in need of love until I m right here, I m all the time there for you, Riya died, however Shivam will love you as soon as his anger is going. Raghav hears her. He drops the pen. Ink spoils the paper. He says I will be able to’t see Shivam’s face, I want Lord referred to as me as an alternative Riya. She cries and asks him to not say this. Raghav says Riya left, Shivam and this child’s lives are caught, its been many days now, shall we now not do Naamkaran until now. Kaushalya says I will be able to communicate to Shanti about it. Nimmi comes and hears them.

Nimmi provides the bottle milk to Kaushalya. Kaushalya feeds the child. Raghav says ink fell on shape, I needed to fill this kind for Shivam’s process. Nimmi says we will be able to fill shape on-line, I will be able to get pc. Kaushalya manages the infant. Nimmi will get pc and sits to fill shape. Kaushalya is going to Shanti and says one thing is improper on this space.

Shanti asks what. Kaushalya says there’s spirit on this space. Shanti will get surprised. Kaushalya says my petticoat disappeared lately, I feel some spirit has come right here. Neighbors come there and say Kaushalya is pronouncing proper, we now have noticed a lady spirit for your terrace since Three-Four days. Kaushalya says Shanti and I have been coming, there used to be ghat at the means, we heard a valid and motive force stated spirits keep right here, I were given a surprise, it method spirit got here after us. Lady asks Shanti to name any tantric. Shanti scolds the women and does now not consider them. Kaushalya says perhaps its some babu’s spirit, who has a mum in regulation such as you. Shanti asks her what did she say, there is not any spirit.

Kaushalya asks who will do that, you inform me. Shanti says perhaps its Riya’s spirit, I do know she died, perhaps she nonetheless loves this space, she does now not need to pass as her daughter is right here. Kaushalya consents. Shanti says this isn’t proper, her soul will have to get peace. Nimmi says what are you pronouncing, if Shivam or Raghav listen this, they’re going to scold you. Shanti scolds Nimmi and asks her to be quiet.

Aarti comes out and does now not see someone in front room. She is going to rest room. Kaushalya is going to rest room, and sees any person inside of. She thinks its Shanti. He sees Shanti and Nimmi snoozing. She will get surprised and asks who’s inside of, is it Shivam. She drops the haldi lep there in rigidity. She worries seeing a lady’s shadow and runs to Shanti. Aarti comes out and steps at the lep. She walks backwards and runs. Shanti will get scared seeing Kaushalya and asks why are you status like a ghost. Nimmi asks what came about. Shanti provides her water. Shanti asks what came about, inform me. Kaushalya says there’s somebody in our space, there’s a spirit, she used to be in rest room. Shanti says I don’t consider this, perhaps door were given caught, there’s not anything. Kaushalya says I’ve noticed shadow. Shanti says perhaps you could have dreamt, come display me. They all tie hair and move out to peer. They get surprised seeing the footprints achieving the swing.

A baba comes and say there’s some energy right here, which doesn’t need to move. Shivam stops them and asks do you imply Riya is troubling. He makes Baba depart. Aarti seems to be on.

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