Mahek 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Mahek 3rd March 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Sheetal says will you folks leak my daughter’s honeymoon tapes now? Kanta says what are you pronouncing? Sheetal says it will have to eb your making plans, Ravi says you’re neighbor however doesnt imply you’ll be able to say anything else. Sheetal says you all are jealous of me, you had eyes on my daughter, you folks don’t have any appreciate on this society, Mahek says how are speaking to my circle of relatives?
Pammi says it used to be your part husband who abducted Sonal and made her get married, we don’t seem to be going to spare you. sheetal says you other folks stole my Sonal and i will be able to scouse borrow your peace now. PD says sufficient Sheetal, we’re neighbors for years, we’re family members now, shall we finish it. Kanta asks Sheetal to scold them extra if she needs, its now not our mistake, youngsters have carried out mistake however we will have to transfer on. PD says shall we settle for this marriage and finish

this topic. Sheetal says to Kanta’s circle of relatives that i will be able to by no means settle for this wedding ceremony, you folks spit on me via making my daughter marry your son and now i will be able to spit in your faces, Sheetal spits her saliva on PD’s face as an insult, all are surprised and harm, Pd freezes on spot, Kanta shouts Sheetal.. PD falls subconscious now not with the ability to undergo disrespect, all run to PD. Sheetal says i will be able to break you folks. Sheetal leaves with Pammi.
Kanta’s circle of relatives deliver Pd to clinic, docs are taking Pd to ICU. They take her inside of. All members of the family are crying. Balwant cries. Mahek involves him and tries to console him. Balwant prays to lord for PD’s well being. Mahek says prayers have energy, PD has taught us that, until PD doesnt get advantageous, we will be able to stay praying for her such a lot that God wont be capable of forget about us, all cry. Jeevan asks Balwant to chill out. Mahek appears at her wallpaper in telephone, it’s her and Shaurya’s image with pet, she seems to be at it disgustingly.
Shaurya is in eating place and calls media individual, he says you folks referred to as my eating place needless and now you’re overlaying it? he ends name and says those critics has no value. Shaurya says to cooks that i really like this eating place greater than a father loves son, i’ve deliberate, labored exhausting for this eating place and now it’s going to turn into a success. Host’s telephone begins ringing, Meherban music performs as her ringtone, Shaurya recollects how he danced with Mahek to that music in birthday party, he recollects how shut they have been whilst dancing, he shouts to prevent this music. He begins leaving and says Mahek Sharma! he leaves. Host says this guy is psychological case.
In health center, Mohit and Sonal comes there. Kanta’s circle of relatives sees them. Mohit runs to them, Mahek tries to visit Mahek however Jeevan says prevent Mahek, inform this Mohit to go away from right here rightnow, Mohit sits in Jeevan’s ft and says i need to meet Pd as soon as, how is she? what are docs pronouncing? jeevan says transfer clear of my eyes else you’ll be in health center too. Mohit cries and says i’m sorry. Kanta says Mohit depart from right here, we will be able to communicate later. Mohit says what crime i did via marrying Sonal that i cant even stick with PD? cant i take care of PD? Jeevan says Mohit Pd is in health center as a result of you. Ravi says we spoiled our youngsters, if we had slapped them on their errors then they wouldnt be doing all this now, he asks Mohit to go away. Sonal says please uncle, Mohit did the whole thing as a result of.. Jeevan says daughter we don’t seem to be miffed with you however depart from right here. Mohit says that is my circle of relatives, Pd is my circle of relatives so i wont depart. Jeevan pushes Mohit away, he throws Mohit on flooring and says get misplaced from my sight. Sonal and Mahek runs to Mohit’s aspect. Nurse comes there and says this isn’t psychological asylum so dont make noises. Kanta drags Mohit clear of there. Kanta brings Mohit out of health facility and says you’ll be able to move for your namesake brother in regulation or for your inlaws space however dont have hopes from us, Jeevan doesnt need to communicate to you and i’m with him, pass to Shaurya whom you went to previous too. Mohit says i didnt move to him, he referred to as me and stated if i need to save Sonal so i will have to apply his directions, i used to be fearful for Sonal so i listened to Shaurya, i assumed he sought after to lend a hand me in point of fact, Mahek is surprised to listen to all that. Kanta says you didnt perceive when he used to be insulting your circle of relatives and father on media? you have been so egocentric that once Shaurya used to be disrespecting us infront of all, you have been silently status beside him, pass from right here. Mohit angrily leaves. Mahek is in surprise listening to all that.

Scene 2
Shaurya is riding automotive. He stops automotive on sign, one beggar asks him to shop for balloons. Shaurya imagines Mahek status out of doors automotive and smiling at balloons, she issues him to shop for them and smiles at him, Shaurya will get misplaced imagining her and smiles, he sees Mahek vanish and realizes he used to be dreaming, he says to beggar that i dont need it. Shaurya begins radio, RJ says we’re dedicating this music to those that love each and every different, track Dekha Hazaro Dafaa Aapko performs, Shaurya recollects how he confessed his like to Mahek, he recollects their valentines dance, Shaurya turns off radio. He seems at passenger seat and imagines Mahek sitting there and smiling at him. Shaurya stops automotive and says prevent it Mahek Sharma, why you’re in my thoughts continuously? nowadays my eating place were given a success however you’re keeping my thoughts Mahek, depart my thoughts. Mohit calls Shaurya, Mohit says you used me Shaurya in your achieve, you’re reasonable and egocentric guy, Shaurya says you recognize whom you’re speaking to? Mohit says i do know you’re giant guy however you’re filthy individual, PD is in health center as a result of you, Shaurya says what? Mohit says sure she is in essential situation as a result of you, he tells Shaurya the entirety. Shaurya is surprised and accountable listening to all that.
In medical institution, Doctor says Sharma circle of relatives that PD had inner bleeding in mind and her situation is significant. Ravi asks if they may be able to meet affected person? he says sure. Family is damaged seeing Pd’s situation. Jeevan says to Mahek that i’ve all the time noticed PD giggling and cheering everybody up, Pd used to get in poor health however she by no means used to stay mendacity on mattress, she used to shoo physician away, she used to tease Balwant that individual doesnt get in poor health because of frame however as a result of mind and notice nowadays.. our PD is mendacity on mattress subconscious, taking heavy remedy, this isn’t proper, under no circumstances proper, he will get indignant and leaves from there.
Shaurya involves health center, he asks receptionist the place Sharma circle of relatives’s member is admitted? Jeevan is coming close to reception too. Receptionist inform room quantity to Shaurya. Shaurya turns to head there.
Ravi says to circle of relatives that when i in finding Shaurya Khanna, i will be able to distort his face. Shaurya comes there and says Mahek.. Ravi will get indignant and fees at Shaurya however Kanta stops him. Sharma circle of relatives sees him there. Balwant says how dare you return right here? he grabs Shaurya’s collar and says if anything else occurs to my Pd then i will be able to now not spare you.. Shaurya glares at him and says i simply got here to peer Pd’s well being. Balwant says you move and strangle her in ICU, Shaurya says i dont like to debris with you other folks too, i simply got here to invite about Pd’s well being and if you wish to have any more or less lend a hand thn i’m right here. Mahek involves him and appears at him in tears.

PRECAP- Balwant shouts that Mahek ask him to go away, we dont need to take a look at his face, ask him to get misplaced. Mahek folds her arms infront of Shaurya, Shaurya is not able to seem in her eyes, Mahek says in case you ever, even for one 2d felt one thing for me then for that feeling’s sake please depart from right here, Shaurya seems to be at her surprised.

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