Mahek 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

OZee TV Mehek 31st March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Shaurya says to Vicky that measure the space i will have to maintan from Mahek. Vicky measures distance between Mahek status close to meals truck and shaurya status in eating place, Shaurya says there will have to 51ft distance, one ft additional for Kanta. vicky says its 51ft overall. Shaurya takes mic and says hello Sharma circle of relatives, Kanta chachi see i’m paying attention to you, Kanta tries to respond to him however Mahek says he needs response from you, dont do it. Shaurya says to consumers that i will be able to inform you other folks at the back of this superb meals truck, he says this is Jeevan who handles finance, say hello, all say hello. Shaurya says to at least one buyer that please aloo dish that Mahek chefs,its so tasty that i over ate it and were given unwell, buyer orders it. Shaurya sees Mahek wincing in ache, Shaurya says Mahek please take a seat down and feature

water, you don’t seem to be utterly nice. Shaurya says to consumers that see this is Kanta, she is all the time indignant and in a position to blow up, becaus of her restraining order, i’ve to mention all this live to tell the tale mic. Mahek is in ache and asks Nehal to convey water, Nehal is going to convey it. Mahek is going in kitchen of meals truck, she tries to raise cylinder, Shaaurya says maintain your self Mahek, Jeevan take care of your daughter, Mahek rolls his eyes. Shaurya thinks that i will be able to see until when they may be able to stay me clear of her.

In night, Shaurya asks Mahek if she took drugs? Kanta says what is that this drama? Jeevan says this is going on as a result of your restraining order, he’s pronouncing the whole thing on mic now. Customer says that is like hindi film. Mohit says to Sonal we have now bought so much as a result of this drama. Mahek tries to message Shaurya to prevent it however Kanta takes her telephone and consticate it. Shaurya says on mic that Sharma circle of relatives when you stay me clear of my Mahek you then willget are living Shaurya streaming at no cost. Kanta says to Mahek that include me, you wont come to meals truck from the next day, she drags Mahek, Mahek unfortunately appears at Shaurya and leaves. Jeevan says to Shaurya which are you just right now? Mahek’s most effective dream used to be to paintings in this truck and also you took that away too, what sort of love you will have? he leaves, Shaurya seems on.

Kanta brings Mahek to house. Kanta says to PD that Shaurya has long past mad, he stored pronouncing the whole thing on mic entire day, PD says what has came about to him? Shaurya comes out of Mahek’s space and shouts Mahek pop out. Ravi says i wont spare him nowadays. Sharma circle of relatives comes out and asks Shaurya to go away. Ravi calls police. Shaurya says i simply need to communicate to Mahek, Mahek says what are you doing? i’m begging you to go away,dont do that, Kanta says why you’re begging him? let police come, i will be able to get him arrested these days. Shaurya says i dont care, now not even God can prevent me from assembly my Mahek,you all can check out too. Shaurya comes just about Mahek, Mahek says dont come close to, police goes to arrest you. Police comes there, Kanta says he has damaged restraining order, he has come close to Mahek, arrest him. Mahek asks Shaurya to transport again please. Policeman measures distance between Mahek and Shaurya and its greater than 50ft as a result of Mahek has stealthily moved clear of him to save lots of him. shaurya sees it and says Mahek you dont have to mention anything else, your footsteps have stated your message, i havent advised you what i sought after however i’m going to mention it quickly, he leaves.

Sharma circle of relatives is in space, PD says to Kanta that you are going to stay Mahek locked in space as a result of that Shaurya Khanna? Kanta says he’s going to check out the whole thing to return close to Mahek however i wont permit it, Pd says you don’t seem to be preventing Shaurya however giving ache to Mahek. Kanta says then what will have to i do? let Shaurya do what he needs? Mahek comes there and says you’re doing proper Kanta chachi, what if it’s not that i am at meals truck, i do know you’re doing all this for my protection, Kanta hugs her and says i believe you that you simply wont are available Shaurya’s lure.

Scene 2
Sharma circle of relatives involves meals truck subsequent day. Shaurya comes there and asks how they’re? Jeevan says why you show your face in morning? move and take care of your eating place. Shaurya says to Kanta that i wont spoil restraining order, however i will be able to do 3 issues. First i will be able to inform Mahek nowadays handiest what i need to say,what’s in my center, 2d she is going to come the next day to come to paintings at meals truck as a result of its her dream and 3rd She goes to return to me herself and can held my hand infront of you, it’s not that i am going to damage this restraining restrict however i promise you that this check out of yours to split me and Mahek isn’t going to paintings, you wont be capable of separate us, that is Shaurya’s promise. Nehal seems to be at him proudly, Shaurya glares at Kanta and leaves. Nehal sings wada raha sanam hongy na juda hum.Kanta glares at her. Kanta calls Balwant andasks if Mahek is ok? i will be able to name you in each and every hour, dont sleep. Balwant says dont fear, i wont sleep, Kanta ends name and appears on.

PD is staring at Mughal-e-Azam film on TV, Mahek is sitting there. PD sits beside Mahe and smirks. PD is going and does her make over, she has executed make-up and dressed in saree. Mahek says Kanta chachi wont spare us, PD says you cant keep house as a result of Shaurya’s worry, shall we move and watch film in theater, i need to see my favourite hero ahead of i die, Mahek says what about Balwant? PD says Balwant is dozing, Mahek says what if Shaurya comes there? PD says wait. Pd calls Jeevan and asks if he can see Shaurya in eating place? Jeevan sees Shaurya close to meals truck and says sure he’s right here, PD says k. She ends name and says to Mahek that Shaurya is at eating place, are you coming or will have to i’m going on my own? Mahek says no, no i’m coming with you, Mahek and PD leaves to visit cinema.

Mahek and PD comes inside of cinema and sees nobody else in entire theater, Mahek says it used to be written out of doors that every one tickets have been bought out however there is not any one right here, who purchased the ones tickets? Shaurya comes there and says I purchased all of them.

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