Mahek 30th January 2017 Written Episode Updates

Mahek 30th January 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1

Sanjay calls KD and says you may need bought money however b taing cash from Shaurya, you’ve gotten develop into my enemy, Kd says i’ve acquired 5crores, he is likely to be mad or head over heels in love. Sanjay says i wont spare you. Shaurya comes there and says to Sanjay that you just cant deal with one enemy so why making others? dont threaten folks. Svetlana says dont present your goon type to us, Shaurya says i’m pitying with you individuals that each one your plans towards me failed, you ought to be grateful that my mom is Sanjay’s sister in any other case i might have thrown folks such as you out of home. Sanjay says i assumed no on is greater jerk than me however you might be my instructor on this. Shaurya says what you thought that you’d drug and make your goons kidnap me from mandap? i used to be certain that you’d make some plan to indicate your love

however i used to be positive to get antidote in opposition to intoxication medication, flashback reveals Shaurya taking antidote to nullify dizziness which he may have gotten Sanjay’s spiked drinks, Shaurya says i left mandap even earlier than your goons couldnt attain me and that i left from nation when all have been discovering me right here and that i patent Mahek’s recipes, i needed to get Mahek’s recipe e book so i needed to wait until marriage ceremony, when i used to be leaving nation, i believed you could be pondering your goons killed me and i used to be laughing at you individuals. Sanjay says superior, what planning, i’m completely happy that i misplaced to genius such as you, i like you nephew, we’re identical in our antics. Shaurya glares him and says i’m not such as you, i’m trapped between snakes such as you, for those who dont cease your antics then i’d smash you uncle, do not forget that, Shaurya glares him and leaves. Sanjay says your time goes good Shaurya however he doesnt know that what’s going to occur at chanini-chowk will change his time.
Mahek is prepared as bride, Kanta says you aren’t going wherever, Mahek says let me go. Kanta says we wont bless you then, you’ll depart with out our permission, Mahek says that is my religion, give me one month, if i dont ma Shaurya notice in on month that h did mista by leaving me at mandap and he damage you individuals and i might make him notice that he love me lots, if i dont get profitable then i might comeback, please have religion, Pd says let her go, if we dong let her go then it means we dont belief her, she is grown-up so let her go. Mahek says do my aarti, i’ve to go to my inlaws home. PD does her aarti. Jeevan asks Mahek to take Mohit together with her, Mahek says no that is m battle and i’ll combat it alone, she smiles. PD says Shaurya better of luck, our previous Delhi’s Mahek is coming, Mahek smiles and leaves.
Mahek is wearing heavy bridal gown and using scooty with helmet on, oh womaniya performs. She goes to Shaurya’s home.
Shaurya is having lunch, he’s consuming sandwich, he asks Karona to have lunch with him, Karona says you do it alone, you’ve carried out hardwork to succeed in this top, your loneliness is reward of you getting new heights, so study to dwell like that, she leaves. Shaurya is gloomy, Shaurya listens wedding ceremony band taking part in, he will get offended on servant and asks who’re these center class folks enjoying marriage ceremony band? Servant says band is taking part in at our door solely, Shaurya says who’s there?

Scene 2
Complete household is outdoors residence and seeing band taking part in wedding ceremony music, Shaurya comes out of dwelling and sees Mahek dancing with marriage ceremony band taking part in in background. Mahek smiles at Shaurya and dancing infront of him, Shaurya huffs at her. Mahek touches Karona’s ft and says Maa your daughter in regulation has come, wont you welcome me? Karona is confused and asks what’s all this? Mahek says i’ve left my home and got here right here like all women come after marriage ceremony. Shaurya says what garbage, did you overlook that i left you at mandap, Mahek says you didnt depart me, you ranaway from there. She asks 3000ruppees from Shaurya, Shaurya says what? Mahek says i dont have change of cash, Sanjay says i’ve it, he provides her 3000rupees, Mahek thanks him and takes it, Mahek offers cash to band, they depart. Mahek takes off her helmet, she brings photograph. Mahek reveals her wedding ceremony photograph to Shaurya and asks what you concentrate on it? he doesnt reply. Mahek asks servant what photograph is that this? he says its of your and Shaurya’s wedding ceremony, Shaurya glares at servant, Mahek exhibits image to Shaurya the place they’re dressed as groom and bride, Mahek says whoever you’ll present this image will say that we’re bride and groom, we’ve got carried out half marriage, solely pheras are remaining however now we have accomplished half marriage ceremony.

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