Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Mahek 27th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Shaurya is joggin in lawn, he calls servant and takes newspaper, he will get indignant seeing information.
Sanjay is getting in a position in morning and making a song, he says to Svetlana that i’m winner after dropping. Svetlana says why you’re satisfied? Sanjay presentations her newspaper. Svetlana reads headlines that Shaurya’s lodge identify is huge however there’s something much less in meals’s style. Sanjay says Svetlana its just right information.
Shaurya reads other newspapers, all indicating that meals of his lodge is just right however there’s something lacking. Shaurya will get indignant and throws papers on servant. He shouts that they’re hypocrites, they have got no worth. Karona comes there and asks what came about? Shaurya breaks glass desk together with his hand, his hand begins to bleed. Karona asks servant to convey first assist field, she cries.

Mahek comes there. Shaurya shouts dont come close to me, you gave me part recipes intentionally, Mahek says why would i do it? have you ever long past mad? Shaurya says all are pronouncing there’s something much less in meals, i adopted your whole recipes then how its now not similar? Karona says her magic is much less for your recipes, now not all can prepare dinner studying recipebooks, she chefs together with her center, she doesnt prepare dinner for industry, she chefs for other folks, she has magic in her hand which you cant deliver. Shaurya says sufficient, Mahek isn’t some out of global factor, she used to be not anything however not unusual woman however i made her well-known, i purchased her recipes. Karona says you’ll be able to flip clear of solar and say that its night time however that doesnt imply solar is long past, fact is that if you wish to get good fortune, you need to contain Mahek in your corporation, she leaves. Svetlana says dont fear Shaurya, i’m positive some folks will nonetheless come for your eating place. Sanjay says in case your recipes dont paintings then i will be able to communicate to prison supervisor, we will be able to ship your meals there, he leaves. Mahek says to Shaurya that i do know your cooks adopted all recipes however the ones are my mom’s recipes, i know the way to prepare dinner them, i’m simply soliciting for you to let me paintings on your eating place for a couple of days to show the ones recipes, i will be able to lead them to paintings. Shaurya has his hand injured and bleeding, Shaurya says i dont want you Mahek Sharma, what you assume that i’m side road canine which must rely on somebody? i will be able to make the ones recipes paintings with out your lend a hand, i’m a businessman, i will be able to make it paintings, i simply were given a kick nowadays however i will be able to make my retaurant good fortune with out your lend a hand, this is my promise to you, he leaves. Mahek seems to be on unfortunately.
Mahek involves Kanta’s space. Mahek says to Kanta that God is checking out me, i were given fascinated about Sonal’s topic and forgot Shaurya’s lodge’s opening day. Kanta says i heard that opening used to be now not just right, it will have to be dangerous for Shaurya. Mahek says i sought after to be there for Shaurya but if i heard that meals used to be now not just right, it felt like somebody stabbed me in center, i do know lodge is of Shaurya’s however recipes are of my mom however Shaurya doesnt perceive my feelings and blew up on me. Kanta says not anything new with that, when you made a decision to be with Shaurya, you will have recognized that he would spit fireplace best however i do know Shaurya wishes you maximum rightnow, he’s cussed, indignant, spoilt, in poor health-mannered however he’s yours, it’s a must to lend a hand him, you need to make him remember that he would possibly have taken recipes however till you contact the ones recipes, till you prepare dinner them, they wont have similar style, Mahek says learn how to make Shaurya remember that? Kanta says you must assume that. Sonal calls Mahek, Sonal cries and says my mom used to be speaking with Pammi, they stated they are going to get me married day after today best. Sheetal involves Sonal and slaps her, she says from the place did you get telephone? Mahek ends name and says Sheetal has long past mad. Mohit hears it, Mahek says to Kanta that Sheetal is making Sonal marry the next day to come, Mohit hears it.

Scene 2
Shaurya involves eating place, he name his cooking staff, he asks the place is head chef? host says he’s in poor health, Shaurya says he’s in poor health now? he couldnt care for Mahek’s recipes, he were given task which is above his same old, i will be able to throw you all out of my eating place. Shaurya sees buyers there, he smiles and says to cooks that return to paintings, dont fear, all of them depart. Investor says Shaurya we want to communicate.
Sanjay meets Pammi, Pammi says we’ve executed association so rapid. Sanjay says i think we will be able to see Sonal’s wedding ceremony and Shaurya’s destruction in combination. Sanjay sees farmhouse getting adorned for wedding ceremony. Sanjay gives whiskey to Pammi.
Mohit stealthily jumps inside of farmhouse, he sees Sanjay going out of farm, he hides at the back of tree. Sanjay sees motion of tree, he says is there animal at the back of it? he’s about to test tree however Pammi comes there and says you didnt pass until now? Sanjay says i’m leaving, deal with Sonal and your self, he leaves from there. Mohit seems to be on.
Investor says to Shaurya that you simply will have to have learn critiques of eating place, you need to trade issues in a different way your eating place will transform dhabba. Shaurya says folks don’t seem to be literate a lot, they dont learn evaluations a lot, media writes dangerous issues about me all the time however i’ve been absolute best hotelier for 4 years. Indian investor says overseas buyers are trusting you, they have got 51%stocks so dont lead them to remorseful about, your meals used to be just right, it had the whole thing however it didnt have soul, aroma and style, for those who cant give style then give any other explanation why to draw folks for your eating place, lead them to come for your eating place, Shaurya recollects Karona’s phrases that Mahek’s magical contact is lacking in his recipes.
Sonal breaks vase in her room, she holds glass piece and is set to chop her wrist however Mohit climbs her room and forestalls her, he throws glass piece away and says have you ever long past mad? others are doing flawed and you’re doing suicide? mad woman. Sonal sees Mohit’s hand bleeding because of glass piece he took from her hand, she holds his hand and asks what are you doing? Mohit says i got here to test on you however turns out like God despatched me to prevent you from doing insanity. Sonal hugs him tightly and cries, Mohit hugs her and says care for your self, Sonal says what am i able to do? i cant marry Rohit. Mohit says me and Mahek wont assist you to get married forcefully, Sonal says then my mom will do suicide. Mohit says not anything will occur, do you accept as true with me? Sonal says why you’re doing this? Mohit says we’ve been in combination since early life, we did the entirety in combination, we have been companions in ever deed, and now i cant depart you on my own on this hassle, for those who dont thoughts then i need to do one thing, will you let me do it? Sonal appears at him stunned.

Upcoming after break- Jeevan slaps Mohit onerous and says have you ever long past mad? you are attempting to be hero which you don’t seem to be. PD says Jeevan have you ever long past loopy that you’re elevating hand for your son? Jeevan says so what else i will be able to do?


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