Mahek 23rd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Mahek 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Sheetal brings Sonal out of doors her space. Sonal says you’re hurting me, depart my hand. Sheetal says check out to be informed being affected person. Pammi says to Sheetal that as a result of you my son is in prison, i wont spare you and your daughter now. Sheetal says i’m sorry, i will be able to set this Sonal proper. Pammi says if my son doesnt pop out of prison in 2hours then i will be able to be sure that Sonal doesnt get married on this lifestyles, i will be able to make your lifestyles hell. Sheetal begins beating Sonal and says why you didnt die? Mahek comes there and pulls Sonal away, she hugs Sonal. Sheetal says to Pammi that i promise to loose Ajay and Rohit until night. Mahek says cant you spot ache and wounds of your daughter? how are you able to do this? Sheetal says that is all taking place as a result of you, you might have provoked her, she will get crushed however now she

won’t get married. Mahek says wow, she is woman so that you cant suffocate her, why didnt you kill her when she used to be born? you wish to have her to get married to that animal simply to offer protection to your self in society? simply to get freed from daughter’s burden? you will have given start to her, how are you able to do that together with her? we dont need marriage like that the place we die day by day, she is best single, atleast she is going to are living her lifestyles, you center doesnt burn for her? you could have given your Sonal to animal. Pammi says he’s my nephew, how dare you name him animal? Mahek says it’s not that i am speaking to you so dont interrupt. Mahek says he’s doing this ahead of marriage what he’s going to do later? those are households who burn their daughter in regulations, they burn them and make an apology our daughter in regulation were given burned and simply put her image on wall and get started discovering new daughter in regulation, you recognize why? its as a result of moms likes you. Sharma circle of relatives hears it too, all clap for Mahek. Sheetal says those individuals are clapping now however they’re similar individuals who will taunt me if my daughter doesnt get married, they are going to make die listening to about my single daughter. Sheetal is thrashing Sonal in her community, Sharma circle of relatives is there. Sheetal says to Mahek dont make me open my mouth, my daughter isn’t such as you who resides at somebody’s space with out marriage. Mahek says i’m dwelling at my inlaws space consistent with my will and additionally i will be able to comeback to my circle of relatives space any time, you realize why? as a result of they improve, my circle of relatives is with me with each and every step. Kanta smiles proudly at Mahek listening to it. Sheetal says this circle of relatives is honorable who give away daughter to someone and their son is goon however we don’t seem to be great other folks as a result of we need to get our daughters marry? Mohit says prevent it or else.. Sheetal says else what is going to you do? will you beat me too? Kanta says shall we move inside of. Sheetal says to Kanta that your part son in regulation didnt do just right lately, in case your Mahek attempt to disrupt Sonal and Rohit’s marriage then i will be able to fail to remember we’re neighbors for 30years, she takes Sonal and leaves.
Sheetal and Sonal comes house. Sheetal calls husband and says in finding cash to bail our son in regulation out, this woman has put disgrace on our faces, i would like cash presently, do anything else however organize cash, she ends name. Shetal says to Sonal that once Rohit will pop out of prison, you are going to get married to him in 5days.
Pammi is in police station. Sheetal brings cash for bail. Pammi says i dont want cash, they’re already bailed. Ajay comes there and hugs Pammi. Sheetal asks Rohit if he’s high quality? Sheetal says who did bail? i bought my assets to bail however who did bail? Sanjay comes there and says stay your cash, it is going to be helpful on your daughter’s wedding ceremony, i’m Shaurya’s uncle however i’m your smartly wisher. Pammi thank you him for serving to, Sanjay says we’re pals now, we’re kin s dont fear. Sanjay hugs Ajay and says pals are pals however enemy of enemy is pal too, Ajay smirks.
Mahek says to Kanta that what has came about to Sheetal? she will have to poison Sonal as an alternative of marrying her with Rohit, Kanta you attempt to make her needless to say she is doing incorrect, how can she do that with Sonal? PD says other folks like Sheetal simply know the way to burn homes of others, they only are excited about breaking homes, you dont fear. Kanta says matter is heated now, we will have to relax after which assume what we will be able to do, she leaves, MAhek seems on.
In police station, Sheetal says to Rohit that come house with me, i will be able to do bandage of your wounds. Rohit jerks her away. Pammi says to Sanjay that we already organized bail cash however you bailed them ahead of us, you might have purchased us. Sanjay says i’ve helped you and you’ll lend a hand me, Pammi says i will be able to do anything else you wish to have. Sheetal says Rohit is indignant. Sanjay says make him marry your daughter and he’s going to be high quality. Sanjay says to Pammi that make Mahek get trapped so she wont have time, stay Shaurya and Mahek clear of each and every different, the next day is special occasion for them, be sure to take care of their hole, Ajay says why can we want to do it? Sanjay says Pammi has understood, you idiot, Pammi smirks.

Scene 2
In lodge, Shaurya says to his cooks that that is special occasion, the entirety will have to be best possible, most sensible decorations, most sensible meals, the whole thing will have to be very good, its time to open eating place now for commoners so greenback up and move to paintings, all leaves. Shaurya asks head chef Karan should you didnt perceive what i stated? Karan says in the event you referred to as Mahek right here then it is going to be simple for us and also you style dishes, Shaurya says i dont have time to stay tasting dishes, i’ve tasted them, they’re effective, cant you prepare dinner dishes? why you wish to have Mahek always? i would like the whole thing highest this night, move to paintings, Karan leaves. Karona comes there and listen to all that.
Mahek is driving scooty. Karona calls her and says i need to say one thing, Mahek says i will be able to name you later, she ends name and takes Mohit’s name.
Ajay is pulling Sonal out of space, Sonal says i dont need to move, Sheetal says dont say a phrase. Mohit calls Mahek and says Sheetal is taking Sonal to a few farmhouse, come right here rapid. Sheetal says to Sonal that dont say a phrase. Kanta asks Sheetal if she is mad? you’ve gotten made factor of your daughter, why you’re pressurizing her? if she takes incorrect step then you are going to remorseful about it, Sheetal says Sonal is my daughter so dont interrupt me, stay your communicate to your self. She drags Sonal away. Jeevan says to Kanta that permit them do what they would like, they dont have brains. Mahek is listening to all that on name. Mahek says to Mohit that apply their automotive and notice which farmhouse they’re taking her, dont do any mistake.
Sheetal, Pammi, Ajay brings Sonal to farmhouse. Ajay drags Sonal and brings her in farmhouse. Sonal says please let me move, Ajay says i will be able to get you sister in regulation when we move inside of space, he pulls her to head in space. Mahek, Nehal and Mohit comes out of doors farmhouse, guard says you cant move inside of, Mahek says we will be able to move inside of, she pushes him away and is going inside of. Sonal sits in Sheetal’s ft and says dont make me marry Rohit, i will be able to die, Sheetal says i dont need your drama and your tears, be silent. Mahek comes inside of and sees Ajay dragging Sonal in space, she says depart Sonal. All are surprised to peer her there. Mahek pushes Ajay away, he falls on flooring. Sonal hugs Mahek

Upcoming after break- Mahek says to Sonal that dont fear, i will be able to see to it who stops me from taking you from right here. Mahek begins taking Sonal together with her. Sheetal brings kerosene bottle and says Sonal in case you depart from right here then my deadbody will move from right here.

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