Mahek 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Today Mahek 16th March 2017 Written Update Episode .

ZEE TV maximum unattainable entertaining program, “Mahek” seems like an outstanding fascinating display, which provides the giant voltage possible that produces to the Mahek supporters.

#ZKM Zindagi Ki Mahek 16th March 2017 Episode Written Updates! Mahek will get surprised

Mahek 16th March 2017 Written Update

The conventional TV collection “Mahek” continuously made to provide goose bumps to the spectators with its by no means completing catch 22 situation approach and published the very important crux of the presentation is to show off in the most recent episodes that, Kanta says to Mahek that do you set inventory in me? Mahek says, in fact, Kanta says you understand no matter I make a selection for you, it’s going to be for your merit simply, Mahek says sure but what used to be the deal? Kanta says dont make inquiries on the other hand merely ensure me that you are going to do no matter I make to regulate and not using a inquiry or dedication. Mahek appears on.

Where In the most recent episode, Mahek leaves her house and sees Shaurya last there, Mahek gives the tonic to Shaurya and says drink it, take away your aftereffect and leaves from that time, Shaurya says did you put hurt in it? Mahek says suffocate it temporarily and depart.

Shaurya beverages it and says it has such terrible style, Mahek says drink temporarily. Shaurya beverages it and says as soon as once more Mahek’s method has labored, unbelievable, Mahek takes the bottle from him and swings to go away but Shaurya holds her hand and sticks her to the divider, he says let me categorical profound gratitude, Mahek says what is that this mischief, dont contact me another time.

Shaurya demonstrates her hoop, she says it’s mine, she tries to get it, on the other hand, Shaurya pulls again, Shaurya says chances are you’ll want to pass out but your issues dont want to pass out, Mahek takes a gander at him with depressing eyes, she tries to clutch stud but Shaurya pulls it away.

Mahek says we don’t seem to be youngsters, be offering it to me and depart, Shaurya says I didnt prevent you, take it from my hand, Mahek tries to take hold of it from his hand but he brings it up in air conveying Mahek closer to him to get it, he says dont rigidity I dont nibble. Mahek says what is that this dramatization?

we do not make movie right through the night, at the off probability that you simply dont want to give it then stay it with you, she tries to go away on the other hand Shaurya places arm round her midriff obstructing her, Mahek says abandon me, let me pass it might be excellent in case you any one can see, Shaurya pins her to column, Mahek says you don’t seem to be doing proper.

Shaurya touches Mahek’s face and tucks her hair at the back of her ear, he makes her put on her hoop, tumhi Dekho naa.. yeh kia hogya.. tumhara hun elementary performs.. they percentage eye lock dropping all sense of path in each and every others eye, Shaurya grins at her, Mahek says what is that this play? to begin with you broke me and now your self coming near? dont do that if it’s now not an excessive amount of hassle we gained’t meet beginning now and into the foreseeable long run, I will be able to do all that I want in lifestyles,

Pammi and Ajay move forward street and sees Shaurya and Mahek shut, they take duvet at the back of the divider and observing them. Mahek pushes Shaurya away. Mahek swings to go away but Shaurya says Miss Sharma the next day to come is the primary day of your enterprise, there’s an overly contention out there so all of the absolute best. Mahek leaves from that time, Shaurya comprehensively grins at her.

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