Mahek 13th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Mahek 13th February 2017 Written Update Episode 

Scene 1
Mahek says to Karona that you’re my mom so inform me if it’s not that i am his spouse? Karona says you’re and can stay his spouse, you’ve got wedding ceremony photograph too. Shaurya says sufficient of this drama, get out, i will be able to throw Mahek out first. One lady says i will be able to weigh down you prefer sugarcane, Karona you didnt beat him in early life thats why he’s spoilt brat, she says name media. Mahek says dont do it, he does this when he’s indignant, we will be able to are living with love, dont name media. Nehal says let his fact pop out, let media know the way he cheated, until when ladies will stay bearing torture of husbands? Vicky smiles at Nehal’s daring speech, he’s mesmerised by way of her and imagines all are statues whilst its most effective Nehal and him, he dances with Nehal in his dream on music tumhe jo meine dekha, his dream breaks when ladies get started

chanting towards Shaurya. Shaurya says shall we finish this topic, what you all need? Karona says shall we pass inside of, Shaurya says nobody will move inside of, we will be able to communicate right here most effective., Karona says close up your garbage, i dont need extra drama right here, shall we all pass inside of, Mahek innocently seems to be at Shaurya and is going in space with all ladies.
One lady says we will be able to give listing of calls for to Shaurya. Nehal says come with that he has to take out Mahek on lunch two times every week, Mahek says make it 3 times every week, we typically move two times already. Kanta says he has to let Mahek have fun all rituals and fairs like diwali, holi.. Mahek says valentines too. Shaurya says it’s going to be imaginable best when she is available in my space, one lady says she is already in your home and should you check out anything then you’ll move prison. Nehal says another call for is that he has to prepare dinner for Mahek as soon as every week, Shaurya says no method, i wont prepare dinner for someone, Mahek says its k, shall we take away this call for. Nehal reads listing of calls for to Shaurya(which is muted). Welfare lady asks Shaurya to signal on listing of calls for, he glares Mahek, lady says take it silently and signal it, Shaurya takes record and indicators it. Karona says signal subsequent web page too, Shaurya indicators it. Karona says i will be able to be witness of this record, i will be able to signal too, if Shaurya doesnt comply to calls for then you’ll be able to black my face and take me to prison. She indicators record. Women chant for ladies empowerment. Mahek says sufficient ladies, let me be with my husband now, despite the fact that he doesnt practice the calls for, i wont say anything else to somebody as a result of i really like you Shaurya, she holds his hand. Nehal whispers to welfare lady, welfare lady asks Shaurya to respond to Mahek, Shaurya glares Mahek and says i really like you too. Karona asks Mahek to take Shaurya to bed room, Mahek thank you all ladies for coming, all ladies depart. Kanta greets Karona and leaves with Nehal and Mansi, Karona leaves too. Mahek smirks at Shaurya and continues to be maintaining his arm.
Outside space, Kanta thank you ladies for status up for Mahek. Welfare lady says that how are we able to now not lend a hand Mahek? this global is filled with folks like Shaurya however each and every Shaurya wishes Mahek, they greet Kanta and depart. Nehal says i forgot my telephone in Shaurya’s space, i will be able to pass inside of and convey it.
Vicky has Nehal’s telephone in his hand, he says in this day and age now not roses however telephones give way for fanatics. He sees Nehal operating to him, dekha do tujhe yaar performs, he’s mesmerised through her. Nehal involves him and tries to take telephone from his hand, she says give me my telephone, you guy like diabetic, she takes telephone from him whilst he’s nonetheless misplaced taking a look at her, Nehal sees her telephone and says its broke, you broke it as you have been the person who ran into me previous and my telephone fell, my papa gave cash 3monthes again most effective, what is going to i do now? Vicky says i’m sorry, Nehal close up you donkey, she turns and leaves, Vicky smiles at her.

Scene 2
Mahek is in bed room and is making a song tu mere samne. Shaurya involves her and pushes her on sofa, he sits beside her and says what you assume that you simply gained? you assume that bringing some ladies and perilous me with prison? making me signal record of calls for to take you out on dates, to meet your goals, you idea you gained? however you’ll be able to do all this however cant take away hatred i’ve for you in my center. Mahek says i created force on you by way of signing record, i sought after to spend time with you, you assume that you’ll be able to twist my wrist, push me round and i will be able to stay silent? i will be able to make you fall for me, i will be able to be sure to set you directly, you don’t have any concept what sort of folks encompass you, you assume you’re artful however you don’t seem to be. Shaurya says so you will have come to only me directly? Mahek says no to make you be informed proper issues, for those who appreciate and love me then i will be able to display recognize and love in go back however you employ energy towards me to throw me out of space then i will be able to use energy to comeback in space, i’ve been raised via consuming parathas, i wont go into reverse so simply, i will be able to battle, Shaurya seems to be on.
Jeevan says to Kanta that what you assume that those such things as ladies empowerment are helpful in actual lifestyles? you assume that this stuff could make Shaurya Khanna appreciate Mahek? you didnt even tell me, simply amassed some NGO ladies and went there like it’s going to make issues proper, Kanta says what else i may just do? Mahek sought after me to do it so i did, that is what she sought after, Jeevan says and also you listened to her, didnt even assume that this isn’t answer and she or he would possibly endure with that guy, Kanta says occasionally we will have to pay attention to more youthful’s recommendation too, there is not any hurt in making an attempt.
Ravi says to Mansi that did males of this space die that you simply all ladies went to turn out to be politicians? why are we enforcing our daughter on that guy? is there any recognize last for us? Mansi says Mahek sought after it, she will have to be doing proper, Ravi says what proper did you do? Mansi says you will have noticed Shaurya’s face, he used to be defeated. Ravi says what about after you all left from there? do you’ve any concept how Shaurya would have behaved with Mahek after you all left? you dont care about Mahek in any respect.
Its morning, Mahek will get in a position. She involves bedside and sees Shaurya slumbering, she sees daylight casting on his face, she stands between him and daylight, she takes alarm and rings it in Shaurya’s ears, he wakes up with jerk, and says Mahek let me sleep, he throws pillow on her, Mahek says we will be able to play pillow struggle at night time so we will be able to get just right sleep.. she winks at him suggestively, he stares her. Mahek says its time for us to go away, Shaurya says it’s not that i am going any place with you

Upcoming after break- Mahek says to Shaurya that nowadays is my pag phera ritual(ritual through which bride and groom to head bride’s space first time after wedding ceremony) and you’re coming with me to my space. Shaurya says it’s not that i am going any place with you. Mahek says i’ve ladies NGO’s quantity, you wish to have me to name them? Shaurya glares her angrily.

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