Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Okayuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Dev takes Suhana house. Golu says he used to be looking ahead to her since a very long time, asks her to return in, he’s going to display her space. Ishwari says Suhana wishes a different welcome and does her aarti.

In Sona’s space, Bejoy fumes that they discovered Ronita’s alliance for Sourav with such a lot problem and now they’re going to lose it. He says he’s going to name Ronita’s father and talk. Sona suggests Sourav to name Ronita and talk.

Ishwari excitedly does Suhana’s aarti. Dev asks if she is aware of Suhana has now not come right here completely. Ishwari says she is aware of. Dev tells Suhana that Ishwari is her daadi. Suhana says when she met her in temple, she didn’t know she is her daadi. Dev introduces Elena as each bua and maasi. Suhana says she is Elena maasi then. Mamaji introduces himself as daadu.

Suhana says she has another daadu at house, so she is going to name him cool Daadu. GKB asks frowning Vicky to grin and introduce himself. Suhana asks who’s he. He says he’s Golu’s papa, he chachu. GKB in her frustrating accessory and damaged English introduces herself subsequent. Suhana calls Dev as Mr. Dixit. Ishwari is surprised listening to this and says Dev is her papa. Suhana says she already advised Dev that she is going to name him Mr. Dixit. Ishwari will get extra indignant. Dev says allow us to move in.

Asha sees Sona tensed and says each and every oldsters are apprehensive about their youngsters, Sona is extra fearful as her state of affairs is other, she don’t need to fear about Suhana. Sona says what Suhana will have to be doing there, hopes she returns house quickly.

Golu presentations entire space to Suhana and takes her close to swinger. Seeing DK sitting on swinger and taking note of track makes a noisy soung. DK will get a surprise. Golu in a rhyming phrase asks him to get pani puri for them. Suhana then sits on swinger they usually each chat. Suhana then sees Ishwari sitting tensely and asks Golu of she is like that all the time. Golu says sure.

Dev asks Ishwari to cheer up, his dating with Suhan won’t trade if she name him by way of identify.. Ishwari says then why don’t’ he name her by way of identify. Mamaji interferes and says that means won’t trade with identify, she will have to cheer up and spend time together with her granddaughter.

Sourav reaches Ronita’s space and calls her out. She comes down. He briefs her about Sona and Dev’s struggle and rigidity of their space. Ronita says she will perceive and because they’re getting married, his circle of relatives is her circle of relatives now and she or he were given unhappy seeing her circle of relatives unhappy. Sourav will get more than happy. Their romantic dialogue continues. Ronita’s mom notices them from balcony. Sourav then reaches house and tells Bejoy that he set issues proper and Ronita won’t inform about their circle of relatives to someone. Bejoy shouts as same old and says Rnotita’s mom had referred to as and stated she want to communicate one thing essential.

Suhana sits subsequent to Ishwari and touches her brow. Ishwari asks what’s she doing. Suhana says she is checking her rigidity degree, she used to be tensed even in temple. Ishwari asks what did she in finding. Suhana says he has a large number of pressure. Ishwari says it vanishes when she meets her. Suhana says she is going to meet her frequently then. Ishwari says she introduced her a large number of dishes and takes her to eating desk and tries to feed. Suhana says her mom has taught to consume herself and takes position. Ishwari will get. Dev asks to feed him and eats. Suhana says Mr. Dixit nonetheless eats from his mother’s hand. Dev says he’s her papa, however his mother’s child nonetheless. Suhana then chas with Elena. GKB fumes in jealousy and tells Vicky that quickly their keep an eye on over this space will vanish and they are going to be out of this space.

Dev sees Ishwari nonetheless unhappy. Ishwari tells Sona has taught Suhana smartly ahead of coming right here. Even after 6 years, Sona is constant to pester them. Dev cals her down and guarantees that Suhana will name her daadi quickly.

Precap: Golu and Suhana talk about about their summer time camp and get unhappy that their oldsters won’t accompany them. Dev comes and says he’s going to accompany them and asks to get their bureaucracy. They each excitedly run to get bureaucracy.

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