Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th January 2017 Written Episode Updates

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th January 2017 Written Episode

Sona takes Bejoy and Asha to their previous home. Bejoy says he is not going to go in. Asha says what’s improper in the event that they reminisce outdated days. Bejoy says he won’t and continues his common dialogues. Sona insists and rings bell. Bejoy says what’s going to new house owners assume. Maid comes out and greets them. Bejoy asks what’s she doing right here. Maid says Sona dismissed her from work, so she joined right here. Bejoy enters and says furnishings and shade has modified, however construction is identical, allow us to return earlier than proprietor comes. Sona says no one can get them out of this home, she purchased it for them as promised. Suhana says that is Suhana’s home. Asha and Bejoy get emotional.

Dev enters workplace and sees watchman guarding exterior Sona’s area. He scolds watchman and dismisses him from work. He then will get

into Sona’s workplace and flirts with Paromeeta. Paro falls for his buttery speak and attraction. She asks why did he and Sona divorce. Dev says it’s not simple to deal with Dev, disconnects incoming name, and says she should be free within the evenings and may hold it for him. She will get shy and leaves.

Suhana asks Asha to inform Bejoy to not get too emotional, Sona has saved this home again as Amar badi. Sona provides keys and says they’re standing in their very own home and no one can get them out now. Bejoy emotionally hugs her. Asha asks maid Gunni to get kitchen gadgets out, she desires to fill grocery. Sona says she is going to depart again to workplace now.

Sona reaches workplace sees Dev with hammer and laborers. Dev says he can not deal with partition once more in his house and hits title plate. Title plate falls down. Sona shouts Dev and reminisces asking worker to jot down Sonakshi Bejoy Bose on title plate. Dev says first harm pains rather a lot and provides hammer to laborers to interrupt partition wall. Sona’s workers attempt to cease laborers. Sona stands angrily. Dev stops laborers and asks if she is in shock and never remembering sensible strains. Sona says this time he’ll get handcuff and he will be unable to take away it.

Golu goes to Ishwari’s room. Ishwari asks to come back in. Golu says his watch alarm rang and it’s a signal. She asks what. GKB comes with Elena and asks Golu to go to his room and play.

Dev jokes that he’s afraid of Sona’s anger. Sona says he will likely be punished this time. Dev asks to look behind and reveals police and lawyer and says he thinks method forward. Lawyer says constructing this partition wall is in opposition to fireplace security norms and his division workers are breaking wall and she or he can’t cease them. Dev thanks him for coming. He says it’s his obligation. Dev says it’s not sufficient to open a startup, one wants contacts additionally.

Dev continues confronting Sona and reminds how he snatched trophy from her. She says she doesn’t care, she doesn’t want validation from him, he does enterprise on ego and he or she is just not like that. Bejoy enters. Dev says Sona that she didn’t change in so a few years and continues to be identical. Lawyer says
Dev has filed case for unlawful development and he or she might should pay heavy penalty. Sona says she is able to pay penalty and settle for her mistake, however some folks/Dev are spineless and don’t settle for their mistake.

GKB asks Elena to go and communicate to Sona and ask her to vacate workplace. Elena says GKB compelled her to breakup from her household 7 years in the past and now she is forcing her to appropriate Vicky’s mistake, she is not going to. GKB in her damaged English yells. Elena leaves. Ishwari says Elena is true.

Sona apologizes her staff for the difficulty he confronted. Workers say it’s okay, they’re together with her. Lawyer says he’ll ship dates to her. Dev says he’ll take again case as he was frightened about worker security. Sona says she’s going to go to case listening to and win. Dev says she will be able to go to courtroom alone as he takes again case and disperses employees. Sona picks nameplate from flooring. Dev returns and says good title plate, however not appropriate right here, so she ought to take it dwelling. Sona says she realized actual drawback, he isn’t digesting studying Sonaksi Bejoy Bose as a substitute of Sonakshi Dev Dixit, he’s indignant that his ex-wife is the same as her, so spineless man like his took this heinous step, he can not digest her receiving award and doesn’t want his title. Dev fumes in anger. Son taunts he’s fuming, his male ego is harm. Bejoy smiles standing behind.

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