Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

SONY TV Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Dev massages Sona’s shoulders. Sona opens eyes and shouts seeing. Bejoy rushes up with Asha and Sourav and knocks door, shouts it will have to be rat. Dev shuts Sona’s mouth and asks her to inform she is ok, else Bejoy will forcefully input. Sona says she is ok, she noticed a large unsightly rat. Bejoy yells plenty of rats getting into his house. Sona says now not fear, she is going to arrange this unsightly rat. Dev fumes. Bejoy leaves. Dev and Sona’s argument begins. Dev calls her aunty and he isn’t thinking about aunties. She asks what’s he then. He says she will see herself and walks out smirking. Sona fumes yelling he’s a lot older.

Dev is going down and encourages Sourav to workout. Sourav calls him jiju asks will it’s imaginable for him to workout. Dev says what’s in identify, he can name him anything else

and sure, he’s going to now not let him on this weight right through his marriage. Asha asks if Sourav can workout after his sangeet. Dev says k and tells Sourav he has to workout needless to say.

Dev then sits for breakfast with Sona’s circle of relatives and tries to test bowl. Bejoy stops him and says entire circle of relatives has meals in combination. Dev name callings just right to listen to he considers him as circle of relatives. Sona comes down getting in a position. Dev will get mesmerized seeing her good looks. Bejoys opens lids from bowls and will get satisfied seeing fish. Asha says she advised maid to organize veg meals for Dev. Bejoy says visitor generally has particular meals and not anything is particular than fish. Door bell rings and maid opens door. Golu runs in calling giant cha. Dev meets him and asks who introduced him right here. Ishwari enters and says she introduced him right here, he didn’t get sleep with out Dev entire night time, she idea she would convey him right here or even get meals for Dev and Soha. Soha sees her and fortuitously hugs calling daadi. Dev takes tiffin and opens it, pronouncing meals smells so delightful. Asha introduces herself to Golu and says she is his dida. Golu says Soha informed she is cool. Sourav says he’s his mama, pulmpy like him however a little extra. Asha introduces daadi. Bejoy fumes seeing them. Golu says he will have to be Soha’s daadu and says he, Soha and massive cha may have meals first after which everybody will have it, even Soha’s daadu. Bejoy continues his frowning face. They all revel in meals. Dev says meals could be very tasty. Bejoy feedback mom and nephew loose with son they usually got here uninvited. Ishwari hears that and says she is going to depart now. Dev fumes. Sona and Asha inform Golu that he can come right here on every occasion he needs after taking elders’ permission. Ishwari leaves with Golu.

Dev angrily confronts Bejoy that he can insult him, however now not his mom. His mom got here with out informing, else he shouldn’t have let her come right here. After 1 week, Sona might be at his space and he expects this members of the family won’t come to his space and his circle of relatives won’t come right here. He then is going t his room angrily.

GKB and Vicky proceed their grimy making plans and plotting. Ishwari enters with Golu. Vicky asks Golu why they got here so early. Golu says giant cha despatched them early. Vicky and GKB begins their grimy recreation and brainwash Iswari towards Sona that it’s her and her circle of relatives’s plan to get Dev away. Vicky says they’re going to record case for Soha’s custody and can get her. Ishwari says she does now not want that. Mamaji comes and hears their dialog.

Dev fumes in his room. Asha enters. Dev fumes that he does now not like Bejoy insulting his mom, he does now not know the way she tolerates him, then apologizes. Asha says this night is Sourav’s sangeet and to get in a position on time. He leaves. Sona enters and fumes how dare he’s to badmouth about baba, he’s the most productive. Asha says Bejoy is a easiest father and son, how does she know he’s a absolute best husband. She says after marriage, it used to be very tricky for her to regulate or even for Bejoy, however all through their time there used to be no query of divorce, they only moved on in lifestyles. She additional continues that Dev is right here for Soha and he will get in reality smartly alongside her, so Sona will have to simply thoughts about that and not anything else.

Precap: During Sourav’s sangeet rite, Bejoy tells Dev that he can not input Bengali serve as with out dressed in dhoti. Dev calls Sona and asks her to return and lend a hand him put on dhoti, else he’s going to come down with out dhoti.

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