Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Dev asks Golu to inform about Suhana. Golu will get jealous. Dev jokes that one thing is burning. Golu says he can not odor. Dev says he himself is burning in jealousy and says he’s going to love him as same old and can love even Suhana. Golu asks promise and asks to move on his center.

Asha asks Sona to talk to Suhana once more as she nonetheless is sitting silently in her room. Bejoy comes and asks what came about, if Dev did one thing. Asha says in the event that they speak about Dev, he would fume. Bejoy says clearly. Jatin comes and asks to let him take care of this. Bejoy consents. He is going to Suhana’s room, returns to Sona and asks what came about to Suhana, she isn’t talking in any respect even to his easiest good friend, she will have to check out chatting with her. They each chat. He guarantees to stay her problem-free. She reminisces

Suhana promising that she won’t meet her father and realizes Suhana is feeling to blame. She says Jatin that he’s genius and rushes to Suhana’s room. She asks Suhana if she si feeling accountable that she met her father. Suhana says sure. Bejoy and Asha input. Sona says Suhana is feeling responsible and spent entire day in guilt. Suhana says now she is relieved.

Dev sits unfortunately in lawn. Golu insists to play with him and brings boxing gloves. Dev does now not rise up. Golu asks what he can deliver for him to cheer him up. Dev says if he can. Golu plucks forehead hair and asks Dev to make a want or even does similar and says Big Cha’s want shall be fulfilled quickly.

Bejoy asks Suhana if Dev attempted to frighten her. Asha asks him to relax. Bejoy shouts he is aware of Dev smartly and is reasonable techniques. Suhana says Dev simply informed he’s her father and he’s going to come to satisfy her. Bejoy continues shouting. Suhana says Dev advised he’s going to meet her provided that she needs. Bejoy says he is aware of Dev and his circle of relatives smartly. Suhana says she thinks he’s overreacting.

Next morning, Ishwari is going to temple and confronts god that she all the time requested him to provide her power to stand her issues and not requested to stay her clear of issues. She continues her war of words and cries. A person asks if she is alright. She says sure. She will get up and walks, feels dizzy, and is set to fall when Suhana holds her hand and asks her to take a seat. Ishwari sits. Suahana asks if she is having any rigidity. Ishwari says sure. Suhana says even she has a large number of rigidity. Ishwari asks what tanav she has. Suhana asks what it approach. Ishwari says rigidity. Suhana says she learnt a brand new phrase and says she has elegance pressure, examination pressure, and so forth. Ishwari says she is so small, even she has such a lot rigidity. Suhana continues chatting and feeds her prasad. Ishwari will get emotional. Suhana says she is going to drop her house.

Suhana takes Ishwari to her room and says her space could be very great, when she travels from right here, she tells her mother that this space could be very great. Ishwari says now she is aware of it’s her space, she will come right here ceaselessly to satisfy her. Dev is busy enjoying with Golu and is stunned to peer Suhana getting into preserving Ishwari’s hand.

Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that she met an overly pretty woman in temple and she or he even dropped her house. Mamaji says woman used to be very adorable. Dev smiles. Ishwari asks what came about. Dev asks how did she feeling assembly her granddaughter. Ishwari stands stunned.


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