Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Dev is stunned to peer Jatin with Suhana. Golu asks Dev if he needs to satisfy Suhana’s uncle. Golu says sure and ship him to get another ice cream for himself. Golu returns and says seems like Suhana’s uncle does now not need to meet him. Dev says even he does now not need to meet him and will get into automotive. He calls his worker and scolds that Jatin has a kid, however he were given fallacious information.

Vicky asks Ishwari if she met Sona, what did she inform about Jatin. Ishwari says Sona isn’t courting Jatin and could also be now not courting somebody like Dev.

Suhana tells Jatin that Golu’s giant cha gave her rose. He asks giant cha. She says identical to she calls him with another identify. Sona reaches faculty and asks Suhana if she is alright, she is going to whinge towards mischievous boy. Suhana

says she is ok. Dev will get into automotive and sees Sona with Jatin and Suhana. Golu says Suhana’s mother could be very stunning. Dev says she isn’t as she can not..then stops.. Golu says they appear best possible circle of relatives. Dev says on occasion no matter is noticed isn’t true. He drives automotive. Sona will get as much as depart. Jatin provides pendrive and asks what’s in it. She nervously says not anything and takes it.

GKB tells Vicky that she has settled their lifestyles. Vicky asks how. She presentations Dev and Golu and says she has diverted Dev’s consideration from Ishwari to Golu. Vicky says he heard Dev telling he’s going to make Golu as his criminal inheritor. GKB says sure.

Jatin asks Sona why she is taking a look tensed. Sona says not anything essential. Jatin insists. Sona says Dev’s mom is bothering. She gave USB with their lunch date recording and says they each are courting. Jatin says any person would assume similar, he even spoke to Bejoy or even Bejoy thinks they each…Sona angrily asks if baba spoke to him relating to this and walks against automotive.

Devv walks into his room and seeing Ishwari and mamaji says he does now not need to communicate now. She says until when he’s going to suffocate, he informed he’s dwelling lifestyles his approach, however is tensed. She insists him to inform that he’s now not satisfied. Dev says how can he feel free when Sona is proud of any person else and shifting on. He idea Sona is struggling like him, however she has held any person else’s hand. He is aware of he will have to now not really feel ache, however he’s in serious ache. Sona didn’t take 2 seconds to go away him and is protecting anyone else’s hand, she betrayed him. Ishwari says time does now not prevent like river and air, it strikes and Sona is remarrying.

Sona reaches house and asks Beoy and Asha why thye assume she will have to remarrry. Bejoy says Jatin makes sense and gentleman, he’s going to stay her satisfied. Sona asks why they suspect handiest marriage can get happiness, they know she can not marry. Ishwari at the different aspect asks Dev to transport forward and choose one trail amongst many. If he has the same opinion, she is going to get him a woman. Sonna tells Bejoy and Asha that she is excited together with her daughter. Ishwari insists if Sona can transfer on, even he can. Dev says he’s going to by no means marry, he liked Sona immensely. Sona tells oldsters she does now not need to marry any time and that’s ultimate. Dev says similar.

Dev drops Golu to university. Other scholar’s moms get satisfied seeing him. Golu says he loves happening a experience with him. Dev says they’re going to move once more within the night. Golu says the ones aunties are taking a look at him. Ladies leaves. Dev says they’re taking a look at them each. Golu says women don’t befriend him. Dev says they’re scared of him. Suhana sees Dev and runs against him, however falls. Dev lifts her and asks if she is fine. She says k. Dev says she will have to now not act too sensible, he’s going to take her to clinical corridor. Suhana says she is highest. He drops her down and says similar. She says eve her mamma says similar. He is stunned and asks mama…She says sure. Dev reminisces Sona with Suhana and Jatin. Suhana provides sweet as go back present.

At Bose space, Jatin does opposite pushups. Sourav counts. He jokes with Bejoy. Topic adjustments to Suhana and Jatin says Suhana sat on him whilst doing pushups. Sourav says Suhan used to be checking out him prior to ccompetition. Jatin says they gained. Bejoy says he does now not perceive why Sona does now not need to marry him. Jatin says they will have to appreciate Sona’s determination.

Golu tells Suhanana that gigantic cha does now not like sweet. Dev says he likes his lovable pal’s present. Suhana asks him to name Ms. Bose, she likes it that approach. Dev asks what else she likes. She begins describing. Golu fumes seeing their bonding. Dev reminisces Sona and tears roll down his eyes. Suhana asks why is he crying, he didn’t even fall. Dev says he fell way back. Suhana tells him about their faculty serve as. Dev says he’s going to attend to satisfy his adorable good friend. Suhana leaves. Golu fumes that he forgot him. Dev says how will disregard his easiest pal. He asks what about Suhana. Dev says she is his new pal and thinks if lifestyles used to be going absolute best, he and Sona would have a daughter like Suhana.

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