Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Dev angrily breaks pieces in his cabin seeing Sona and Jatin in combination. Staff talk about they can not face Dev’s anger. Vicky asks what came about. Staff says Dev is breaking issues in his cabin. Sona angrily tries to open Dev’s cabin door, however Jatin stops her and says she will have to now not trouble. Vicky notices their proximity. Ishwari comes and Vicky asks why did she come right here. She says she got here to satisfy and knocks door calling Dev. Sona knocks door similar time. ishwari fumes seeing her.

Golu fumes reminiscing Dev ignoring him for Suhana and waits for her to return out of sophistication. Once she comes, he pushes her and she or he falls down and injured her brow and knees. Teacher notices it and calls Dev.

Ishwari in Dev’s cabin asks why did he wreck issues, what came about to him.

Dev will get instructor’s name that Golu injured his classmate and he will have to come there presently. Dev tells Ishwari that he’s going to take to her later and leaves. Ishwari stands yelling that Dev does now not need to communicate to her now. Vicky says he is aware of why Dev is fuming and presentations her Sona and Jatin’s eating place clip. Ishwari yells even now Sona didn’t get out of Dev’s lifestyles and pestering him.

Dev walks against faculty when a woman tries to promote him rose. He says he does now not want it. She says for the only whom he loves. He says he does now not love someone. She insists and he buys a rose. He reaches faculty and asks Golu why did he do injure his classmate. Golu says he left out him and paid consideration to Suhana, so he were given indignant. Dev asks him to say sorry Suhana and behave in entrance of instructor. Teacher calls him to foremost’s cabin. Dev provides rose to Suhana and says he and Golu are in reality apologetic. Suhana smiles and says she already forgave Golu. Dev’s smiles and takes her out with Golu.

Bejoy returns house and presentations Asha that he morphed Sourav’s percent and made him narrow. Sourav sees percent and fumes. Their nok jhok sarts.

Dev buys ice cream for Suhana and Golu. Suhana says she can not have it as she will get sore throat. She provides it to any other kid and his mom provides her a pen in go back. She provides it to Dev as a go back present for his rose. Dev asks when are his oldsters coming. She says they could also be caught in visitors. Dev will get a decision and is going apart. Jatin comes and takes Suhana. Dev fumes seeing Jatin.

Sona finishes her assembly with consumer and calls Jatin. Jatin tells about Suhana’s damage and tells she used to be busy with consumer, so he didn’t disturb her and got here to obtain Suhana. Sona says she is coming and walks towards raise. Ishwari comes and begins yelling that she didn’t spare Dev but even after divorcing him. Sona thinks the place is she caught. Ishwari says she won’t pay attention to her as she is egocentric and simply appears at her happiness, and so forth. Sona says she can not communicate to her like this as she isn’t her son’s spouse now. Ishwari continues her yelling and presentations Jatin and Sona’s eating place assembly pendrive and says she were given any other guy, so she will have to break out from Dev no less than now. Sona asks if she spied on her. Ishwari says it isn’t essential. Sona says Jatin is her good friend and industry spouse and she or he is said to someone now. She provides Ishwari a pleasant ear and leaves. Ishwari stands together with her same old bizarre bechari sort face.

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