Kasam 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Kasam 7th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Ahana acknowledges Rishi’s brogue. Rishi explains Tanuja left, however his center doesn’t settle for. He wonders the place Tanuja will have to be.
There, Tanuja will get a daring birthday party makeover.
Poorab arrives on the birthday party, media is going to interview him and asks him for a couple of phrases about industry lately. He hugs Rishi pronouncing he’s positive he gained’t betray him like his father, the worth of papers would handiest be known after their submission in courtroom. He warns to reveal their father’s fact in entrance of media in a different way. Rishi tells Poorab he in reality feels Poorab has been harm throughout his lifestyles. Poorab takes Rishi to grin for the digital camera and urges Rishi to try this now, as media is actually taken with it. Rishi notices his center is thrashing rapid these days, it feels there’s something unusual going to occur.
A automotive stops out of doors

the birthday celebration, Tanuja enters in her new makeover.
Rishi comes for the announcement and takes everybody’s consideration. He speaks to media about presence of well known personalities for a different explanation why, and calls Poorab Bora on level. He broadcasts he has made up our minds their corporate would merge with Poorab’s corporate. Everyone used to be surprised. Rishi says 51% stocks in their corporate would move to Poorab’s corporate. Poorab cheers the media, and says he accepts he despatched Rishi to prison however he took his grievance again. It used to be just a false impression. Rishi had dropped a document, whilst the information of the corridor is going out. Poorab wonders what’s taking place when the spot gentle had moved to the door. Tanuja had reached the corridor, sparkling and glittering. Everyone from the circle of relatives surprised, Rishi left open eyed, others open-mouthed. Guys take selfies together with her. She appears against Rishi who dropped his document once more looking to swallow. Tanuja shies. Divia asks Ahana if she too can see what she has been, is she the similar. They have been at a loss for words how that is imaginable. Rano used to be additionally surprised to peer this, and used to be curt this woman would now not depart this space at any value.
Tanuja walks against the level and holds Rishi’s record to him. Poorab tries to take media’s center of attention over their primary announcement. He says Mr. Rishi has named 51% stocks of this corporate after his identify, this turns him the landlord of his corporate. He reads the next day’s headlines, ‘Poorab Bora, the brand new proprietor of Bora enterprises’. Tanuja involves level and says the deal isn’t achieved, her announcement is ultimate. She doesn’t need any fallacious headline. She broadcasts Bedi enterprises, Bedi homes and homes are best owned through a unmarried individual; this is Tanuja. Everyone used to be now stunned. Tanuja tells the media that she is Tanuja Singh Bedi. She smiles against Poorab. Poorab calls it unattainable, Tanuja argues with a grin that not anything is inconceivable. She asks Poorab why she will’t be the landlord of Bedi Enterprises. Poorab says handiest Rishi is the landlord, he named all of the stocks after him. Tanuja says she isn’t preventing Rishi, She can present anything else to Poorab, however now not from Bedi enterprises, that’s her assets now. Rano additionally shouts that Tanuja is a liar. Poorab asks Tanuja for evidence. Tanuja frivolously is going to get one, and calls her secretary Preiti. She presentations the valuables switch papers to media. Poorab snatches it from her. Tanuja tells him to learn each and every unmarried level from it, its all his. She leaves the level. In entrance of media newshounds, she says she has passed the evidence to Mr. Poorab Bora, she requests them to zoom those papers after he has learn it. She reads the papers states, Rishi has named all his assets after her identify. Poorab calls it inconceivable, and says those papers are pretend. Tanuja explains those are felony papers, and those are the correct ones. She gained’t love it if he now blames Indian regulation. She lets in him to get those move checked from his legal professionals, however presently this might disturb her visitors.
Rano involves level and asks Rishi if he signed the papers. Rishi says no. She tells him to head downstairs and prevent Tanuja. Rishi takes Tanuja apart. Tanuja broadcasts birthday celebration has now not ended but, it gained’t finish till the confusion has ended. Tanuja turns round, she proclaims there’s a large number of gossip and offers left now. Everything would finish if any person leaves.
Rishi brings Tanuja to the room and asks him restlessly the place she has been, he seemed for her throughout. He learn her letter for 100 occasions and over. Tanuja says she is have compatibility and effective, doesn’t he like her this manner. Rishi smiles, pronouncing he likes it. He then asks Tanuja why she did all this drama. Tanuja encircles her palms round his neck pronouncing what’s his is hers; she named all his assets after hers.

PRECAP: In the birthday celebration, Tanuja comes as regards to Rishi and tells him to know her with love. On the level, Rishi corrects Tanuja’s hair strand and says he would hate her up to he beloved her.

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