Kasam 24th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kasam 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

On their long ago, Tanuja argues with Rishi. He makes a quick destroy and she or he fell over him. Tanuja seems round and asks if he know concerning the tactics. Rishi says they’re going simply the correct method.
Malaika watches Shekhar’s name. There, Shekhar scolded his goons however realizes it used to be his telephone that used to be ringing. She says she got here to take pen and confirms if Rishi has signed. Shekhar says Rishi and Tanuja ran away, and scolds her to close the decision.
In the automobile, Tanuja and Rishi argue concerning the concept. Rishi used to be positive they’re shifting the proper method.
Manpreet enters Malaika’s house and asks about Rishi. She tries to transport away and asks what it method to go into a woman’s space right now. She deters about calling police, however Manpreet says they will have to move to police.
Tanuja used to be nervous that they have got

reached the place they left, the godown. Rishi appears against Tanuja who sits helpless. The goons get there, Tanuja shouts at him to not contact her and springs out. She tells the goons to carry Rishi, Rishi says Tanuja will have to save him. Tanuja asks if Rishi stored her or she stored him. She reminds Rishi she is the spouse and will’t save him. Rishi says this time she will have to save him please. Tanuja needs him to ask for forgiveness. Shekhar comes with the papers, Tanuja interrupts and tells him to not come between the conversations. Rishi says a sorry. Shekhar boasts in entrance of Rishi that Tanuja is his aspect as she advised his males to catch Rishi. Tanuja says it’s actually past due already.
Police slaps Malaika and asks about Rishi. Malaika says Shekhar were given Rishi however Tanuja got here there to save lots of him. She says Shekhar would kill him if he will get Rishi once more. Police kidnaps Malaika.
Shekhar says Rishi is now long past, and asks a knife from his guy. Tanuja thinks for an concept. Both in spite of everything run against the wooded area. Rishi thank you Tanuja for saving him, she thank you him as an alternative. They nonetheless argue, Tanuja asks Rishi to carry her as her foot is harm. Rishi holds her in his palms and drops her on an aspect when she tells him to go away her. She complains that he touches her so much. Rishi strikes forward, Tanuja spots a snake and screams. Rishi makes the snake pass away, Tanuja used to be crying together with her eyes close. He mocks her. Tanuja grabs his arm to stick with her. They listen Shekhar and his males having reached and run against a mild supply. It used to be a temple. Rishi stares at an previous woman, Tanuja used to be indignant at him for watching her. Rishi says he heard a few temple the place a ghost wanders. Tanuja used to be worried. Both take a seat with their backs at a wall to relaxation, Rishi tries to break out however Tanuja tells him to take a seat down. He will get again.
At center of night time, Rishi wakes up staring at shadow and a few voice. It used to be Tanuja making him afraid and mocks him this time. Rishi used to be frustrated. Tanuja directly get sweats and fell off subconscious. Rishi used to be involved and wonders if she used to be in reality harm and has fever as a result of his damage via nail. He puts chilly fabric over her brow. Tanuja sits up once more and asks if he would talk to Rano or be afraid once more? Shekhar reaches the temple with the goons, he held a gun over Rishi and warns him to be in a position to die. Manpreet reached the temple with police and drives them house.
Rishi holds Tanuja inside of. Everyone used to be surprised, Rano enraged.

PRECAP: Tanuja and everybody seems to be round as a tender woman arrives calling Rano.


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