Kasam 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kasam 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shekhar tells Rishi to signal the papers now, he needs to head on an extended vacation now. Rishi appears away. Shekhar instructs a person to carry the paper and pen for him. Malaika cheers observing Rishi this manner. Tanuja tells Rishi that is incorrect to provide his and circle of relatives’s proper to somebody. They argue with each and every different. Shekhar’s guy wasn’t in a position to get into husband-spouse battle. Shekhar shouts at Rishi to signal the papers silently. Rishi has the same opinion to signal, as his spouse were given him stuck… Both have been moved on the point out of spouse. He turns to check in however the pen wasn’t running. Rishi palms it to Shekhar however the pen doesn’t paintings. No one there had a pen in pocket. Shekhar turns to get the pen, cursing his good fortune. Rishi confirms everybody had left. Tanuja says he referred to as her a spouse, Rishi says he already corrected himself. Tanuja

says it felt just right. Rishi says it will were higher if she didn’t come. Tanuja says its higher to stick with him for an entire life, than to keep away from him. Rishi says he needs to are living together with her, die together with her. They will have to struggle to are living in combination. Tanuja additionally concurs, then recalls concerning the previous woman’s verdict. She used to be tensed about her. Tanuja thinks delivery charts are made by way of people however fates are made up our minds through God, she will have to depart their destiny to God. Rishi confirms what Tanuja is murmuring, Tanuja argues that Rishi were given in a position to remarry as a result of his mom. Rishi says it’s Tanuja who sought after him to make his mom satisfied. Tanuja asks if he would bounce in a smartly if she tells him to, Rishi says no. He then asks Tanuja if she got here to scold him. Tanuja asks him to vow he would make Rano up that they are going to are living in combination; as an alternative of ruining others’ lives they will have to damage each and every different’s. Rishi appreciates Shekhar for tying her to the chair.
At house, Ahana calls Manpreet appearing him Malaika’s cheque e-book on mattress. She says Rishi insulted Shekhar these days, and Tanuja without a doubt suspected Malaika and will have to have long past to her position. Manpreet concurs.
There, Rishi brings his chair with reference to Tanuja’s one. Tanuja asks what he is making an attempt to do, Rishi tells her to seem to the entrance. He bites her rope looking to open it. Tanuja wonders if it’s time for love. Rishi tells her to close up and let him paintings. Tanuja used to be relieved as her palms get loose. Rishi takes her consideration and calls for her to untie his palms now. They listen certainly one of Shekhar’s males used to be coming near. He is available in and uncover Rishi and Tanuja now not there. Rishi hits him behind his head, Tanuja hurries Rishi out of doors as a result of they are going to die if any person else are available. The guy will get up shortly. Rishi and Tanuja hides at the back of a canister, as Shekhar used to be coming in together with his pals. They glance into each and every different’s eyes, status shut. Shekhar says he would get the signatures from Rishi at any value these days. Rishi and Tanuja run out of doors however the injured guy involves take everybody’s consideration to them. Rishi asks Tanuja about the best way out of doors. She issues against some way. Rishi takes a can of oil and throws it at the means. Tanuja assists in keeping on preventing him, Rishi want to see them fell down. He cheers as they all in reality slips off, and have been not able to face. Rishi now throws bins over them and run away with Tanuja. The shutter used to be closed. Rishi pulls it up and lock it with a nail.
Inside, Shekhar used to be curt at his goons because the shutter doesn’t open. Tanuja appears against goon’s van and suggests about riding it as its doorways also are open. Rishi ignites the automobile engine via wires. Tanuja wonders if she married some Lafantar. The goons had pop out of the godown, Rishi drives the automobile.
On the best way, Rishi says if he had executed his industry truthfully, they will have to have tied there via now. Tanuja reminds Rishi she stored his lifestyles, Rishi calls her as his lifestyles.

PRECAP: Tanuja faints within the temple beside Rishi. Rishi used to be involved for her.


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