Kasam 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Kasam 14th March 2017 Written Update Episode.


COLORS TV most superb entertaining program, “Kasam” turns out like an impressive interesting show, which gives the enormous voltage possible that produces to the Kasam supporters.


Kasam 14th March 2017 Written Update

The typical TV assortment “Kasam” ceaselessly made to provide goose bumps to the spectators with its under no circumstances finishing catch 22 situation method and revealed the essential crux of the presentation is to blow their own horns in the newest episodes that, Rishi grabs the umbrella, then asks her how the rain water is. He holds her another time from going inside, they review the main enjoy of Rishi and Tannu and proportion an eye fixed fastened bolt. Rishi was going to kiss her temple when the mists thunder resoundingly. Tanuja embraces him firmly, Rishi embraces her once more.

Where In the newest episode, Tanuja watches the old school little inn her night time time with Rishi. She lay on the bed, somewhere down in problems with her instances with Rishi. Rishi goes into the room and furiously focuses a finger at Tanuja, then discovers she was sleeping.

He pivots towards his closet, the closet have been loaded down with Tanuja’s garments. He ponders where his night time time pass smartly with is, then approaches wake her up by the use of slapping an edge over the side table. Tanuja awakens, Rishi twists to get his night time time move smartly with from underneath her.

He says she is going to take anything in life, however this room has a place with him thus does this night time time move smartly with. Tanuja facilitates herself towards Rishi, and brags this room, this belongings and this area has a place along side her.

Rishi says he has introduced this to her, she qualifies she did the whole thing thru her private particular traps. His family dependably provoked her to love her for cash, so she in spite of everything got all the cash. She says she has given his family a chance to stick in this area, so he should stay in line.

There, Ahana discloses to Manpreet that Tanuja took the property dependable, Rishi has named the property after Tanuja without someone else. Manpreet moves down as Ahana strolls to him getting physically, in spite of everything pushes Manpreet out of the live along side his sheets. Manpreet continues arguing outdoor the room. John watches them, Manpreet discloses to him he needs to stick outdoor in recent years.

Rishi advises Tanuja to leave his room. Tanuja says this room and the one having a place inside the room is all hers. Rishi was moved, she changes her words saying she have been talking in regards to pads.

Rishi sits on the bed quite than her, their hands lay over each other. He inquires as to whether she isn’t embarrassed. Tanuja says she feels disgrace however loses it when she seems towards him. Rishi and Tanuja stands up to each other, slamming their heads together as Rishi says this bed was his blessing.

Tanuja says what’s Rishi’s is hers, and what’s hers is additionally hers. Rishi set down saying this bed has a place with him, he would rest proper right here. Tanuja contends she would likewise rest proper right here. She instructs him to proportion the bed.

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