Kasam 14th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kasam 14th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Rano visit Raaj if the divorce doesn’t happen these days, then by no means.
Downstairs, Rishi informs Manpreet he wishes to visit courtroom for divorce. He asks Ahana to convey Tanuja to courtroom through 2pm. In the assembly, Rishi asks about merger. A person enters the convention room, it used to be Shekhar Singh Alawat; an previous enemy. He confirms Rishi if he nonetheless needs a merger, Shekhar says 30 crores. Rishi takes it, and buys 51% stocks. He raises the cost to 40 crores for 51% stocks and had the papers in a position. As Rishi indicators the papers, he asks his supervisor to prepare the birthday celebration because it’s an tournament for birthday celebration. Shekhar says remaining time Rishi made him stand once more out there, by way of paying closely for his corporate. Rishi paid double the worth of his stocks. Rishi says if Shekhar in point of fact idea he spent 40 crores for his

corporate’s possible? He reminds he deliberate the entirety this time, what benefit may just he have from his corporate, he would most effective put his corporate into money owed and make him endure. Shekhar asks what about Tanuja? Rishi involves take hold of his collar, forbidding him to take Tanuja’s identify. He leaves tapping his collar.
In the circle of relatives courtroom, a pair left the attorney’s administrative center preventing. Rishi and Tanuja input. The woman reads their papers. She palms them a paper to signal, and asks if they may be able to’t even take a seat in combination? Do they hate each and every different such a lot? Tanuja and Rishi sit. Tanuja’s hand used to be harm via chair’s nail, she then appears against Rishi’s bleeding hand. She tells Manpreet to get to physician, it’s an iron nail and could also be toxic. Her consideration is going to the attorney who noticed them quietly, she takes a seat once more. The attorney inquires why they would like a divorce, Rishi didn’t understand the ache. Tanuja replies they’re one and are made for each and every different; since ages. The attorney once more asks the cause of their mutual discussion. Rishi says they love each and every different dearly, however there are different issues in lifestyles and family members that want to be looked after. He now needs to be a just right son of his circle of relatives, he has duties. Tanuja requests her to not pressure them for compromise, they have got completed the whole thing however in useless; its higher they break up. The attorney says in the event that they signal the papers, she would ahead them thru rapid monitor papers. Both stare at each and every different. Rishi stands up, indicators the papers and leaves the place of work hastily. Manpreet follows him out of doors. Tanuja returns the papers to attorney, the attorney says it’s the primary divorce of her profession with love as a explanation why.
Tanuja comes out, Rishi silently watches her and forces a grin. He says its valentine’s day, the day of affection; folks categorical their love at this present day. He laughs that he has submitted divorce papers these days. Tanuja cries pronouncing it kind of feels as though he day by day presents her a rose. He brings a few rose from his pocket, Tanuja accepts it with a heavy center. An previous balloon dealer run at the back of some youngsters who had taken the balloons, he cried that those youngsters blew all of his balloons. Rishi will pay the person together with his quantity, take a unmarried balloon and make the youngsters run away. The dealer blesses Rishi to be together with his love perpetually, Rishi let move of the balloon. Tanuja wipes her tears. Rishi requests her to not cry, they are going to keep in combination six months sooner than divorce.
There at house, John fell down the steps with Chintoo’s toys. Divia used to be brining Rano downstairs, whilst Rano stated her dream can be fulfilled when Rishi and Tanuja can be married to split other folks. Divia brings Rano to the stair case when Bee ji calls her. Rano insists on her to visit Bee ji first. Rano’s chair slip off the steps. Tanuja comes to carry her through arm.

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