Kasam 13th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kasam 13th February 2017 Written Update Episode

In the room, Divia used to be satisfied that Rano made Rishi and Tanuja divorce. Rano says she feels as though Rishi did this for Tanuja, how used to be Tanuja in a position to go away Rishi so simply. Divia doesn’t perceive, however Rano says handiest they 2 perceive about it- Rishi and Tannu.
Tanuja enters the shop room. The bulb in there starts to flash, Tanuja walks against it and recollects concerning the previous. She tries to mend the bulb when Rishi enters. He recalls Tannu as he walks with the suitcase. He stares against her hiking up the stairs with Tanuja. Both palms contact each and every different, he feels a equivalent present as with Tannu. Rishi forbids her to stare, as he fall in love with such eyes; when he first noticed her he seemed into her eyes and were given misplaced. He reminds her about coming to retailer room, he additionally stood together with her to mend the bulb

and fall in love together with her there. Tanuja recalls his hand used to be additionally burnt, and smiles. Rishi wonders how Tanuja is aware of his hand used to be burnt. Tanuja used to be apprehensive without delay, about what if Rishi discovers she is his Tannu and has recalled her previous lifestyles. Rishi says this used to be a secret between him and Tannu, then who informed her about it. Tanuja starts to cough and sends Rishi to open the window. He involves open the door with Tanuja, and repeats his query. Tanuja says Ahana informed her, Rishi wonders how Ahana find out about it. Tanuja says Ahana informed her about their love tale when she got here right here. Tannu used to percentage the whole thing with Ahana. Tanuja used to be disenchanted that Rishi nonetheless loves her so dearly. Rishi wonders what Tannu will have to have felt, Tanuja says Tannu had learned then that her Rishi used to be there. Rishi laughs and will get serious about their communicate, he says Tannu beloved him dearly however by no means shared. He confirms if Tanuja ever thought to be him as ‘Lafantar’, and laughs loud. Divia and Rano cross by way of, Rano curtly asks Divia to head on. She used to be disenchanted that Tanuja would once more lure Rishi. Divia says there’s a large number of time in a single month. Rano makes a decision she will’t let Tanuja are living right here. Divia suggests they shouldn’t let Rishi spend a 2d with Tanuja, as they may fall in love with each and every different once more.
In the shop room, Tanuja used to be surprised to listen to about fixation of Neha and his marriage. Tanuja says she recalls each and every and the whole thing, he in reality made her fearful. Tanuja then explains Ahana informed her about the whole thing. Both glance out of doors on the window the place chilly breeze got here in, they rise up and hit each and every different’s head. Rishi calls her nearer and hit their heads once more. He says when a head is hit with one any other, they will have to do it once more in order to not get horns. He laughs. Tanuja spots a glow malicious program, and recollects the time Rishi had talented a glow computer virus to Tanuja in early life. She once more qualifies Ahana informed her. She shut the window pane and slips at the back of, Rishi holds her in his arm; she gets rid of her dupatta off his face. He recalls the scenes with Tannu. They percentage an eye fixed lock, then straighten up. Rishi takes a depart, Tanuja leaves means for him. Both smile and nod at each and every different in approval. Tanuja curses herself for talking such a lot, Rishi returns to mention a just right bye.
The subsequent morning, Rishi brings juice for Rano and takes the paper from him. Rano says any servant may have introduced juice as smartly, and appreciates his deal with her. Rano says she additionally did one thing for him, she spoke to a attorney and has taken time for divorce listening to. Raaj questions why Rano is in a rush, Rishi will take care concerning the topic. Rano used to be annoyed about his interference. Rishi assures Rano he would pass to the courtroom and depart the room. Rano reminds him to take divorce papers along side him.

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