Kalash community celebrates winter festival ‘Chitramas’

Pakistan’s Kalash community comprising of an estimated 5000 individuals has a singular tradition and way of life that has been a supply of primary appeal.

Chitramas, a winter festival is likely one of the longest fairs celebrated by the Kalash community annually. It begins from 10th December and lasts until 22nd December. It incorporates of 50 other ceremonies, a few of that are very binding, others now not fairly so.

All the community individuals dance and sing in combination. Men and ladies come in combination to accomplish rituals and sing non secular songs, whilst different rituals are carried out in segregation.

Sacrifices of lamb, goat and cow are presented right through this festival. On the ultimate day this is 22nd December, all of the community participants together with males, ladies and youngsters collect at Jastakhan to accomplish worship.

Kalash community had a Riyasat in Chitral however through the years, some other folks have been killed, others went into hiding, some transformed to Islam and now round 5000 shape a community that is living among the Hindukush mountains in 3 valleys of Bamboret, Birir and Rambur within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

They have faculties and hospitals by which the brand new era is being trained and hopes to stay the tribal distinctiveness alive.

The community is understood for his or her hospitality and generosity then again, they do not let non-Kalash participants of their ceremonies for 3 days from 18th to 21st December.

The rituals of the community are strictly adopted and this may also be gauged by the truth that if someone dies all through the festival days, their dying is stored a secret until the festival ends. The circle of relatives of the deceased continues to participate within the celebrations and festivities with others.

“The Chitramas festival is a party ahead of the lengthy, tiring hibernation days by which other folks keep inside of their houses and feed on stored meals because of excessive climate prerequisites.” stated Kalash chief Abdul Khaliq.

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