Kaala Teeka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Kaala Teeka 31st March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Thakur has organized a birthday celebration. Krishna and Pavitra come there as dancers. Krishna says we’ve ready an excellent dance for lately Thakur ji. He says shall we get started the birthday party then. Krishna and Pavitra dance. Thakur beverages and enjoys. Mai will get Naina in a position. She says in center I’m so satisfied your lifestyles can be ruined now.
Everyone’s benefit from the birthday celebration whilst krishna sneaks against the room. Pavitra distracts thakur and dances round him. He beverages.
Krishna involves Naina’s room however she isn’t there. He says the place is she? Thakur is available in clapping. He takes to the air Krishna’s beard. He says you idea I will be able to’t bet what you’ll be able to do? his males catch pavitra and convey her too. Krishna says the place is Naina? He says the place a bride will have to be. Pavitra says you’ll be able to’t

do that. Thakur laughs and says you’ll be able to’t do anything else.

Thakur involves room and says to Naian wow. You in any case gave up and can do the whole thing I say. He takes her ghughant off. She is respiring closely. Foam drips from her mouth. She falls and has poison in her hand. She says I will be able to lose however by no means can help you contact me. I’ve written the whole thing in a coupon and hidden evidence. Thakur is dazed.

Krishan adn Pavitra are roped. She says we need to lend a hand Naina. Please do one thing. They see a knife. Krishan tries to transport there. They transfer their chairs. They ruin the rope. They come operating to room. Naina is mendacity there on mattress and foam is dripping from her mouth. They each get dazed. Pavirtra says please name physician. Please didi open your eye. Don’t faint. Krishna says physician’s quantity is off. Pavitrra says mai informed me one thing.
Thakur is in search of the evidence. Pavitra begs Mai to save lots of naina. She says I wont. Pavitra says please mai for me.
Naina says to Mai I do know you wish to have o see me demise. Pavitra caresses her face. Naina says I noticed chutki. Mai is dazed. She can’t breathe. She stops respiring. Pavita says didi open your eyes. You can’t depart me on my own. Krishna and Pavitra cry. Pavitra says I gained’t let anything else occur to you. She provides her CPR from palms. Naina isn’t brearthing.

Mai begins treating Naina. Krishan begs her to save lots of Naina. Mai says she is alive. She may well be stored or may not be. Pavitra is going to temple to wish for her. Mai treats her and says he breathes are operating now. Pavitra says I by no means stated anything else towards no matter you wrote in my destiny. But nowadays I’m asking you to switch your choice. Save my sister. Please chage your choice. I will be able to kill myself if one thing occurs to her. Mai and Krishna are treating naina. Mai tests Naina’s eyes. Pavitra falls within the temple whilst praying.

Precap-Mai says to Naina please pardon me. I didn’t agree with you. Krishan holds Pavitra and says Naina is out of risk. Thakur says in anger I will be able to damage the entirety.

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