Kaala Teeka 14th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kaala Teeka 14th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Naina says to the fellow can’t you spot? Its the street. Her bus passes through. Naina runs after the bus however misses it. The man laughs. He says you messed with Krishna you have been punished through God. Now stay up for the brand new bus. She sits on his motorcycle and says you’ll chase that bus. He says It’s not that i am your servant. She says as a result of you I overlooked by way of bus. Take me to it or you’ll have to take me to Koshipur. He begins the motorcycle.
Pavitra is operating against the street to warn naina. She sees the thugs going as they’re on the lookout for her. Pavitra says they shouldn’t succeed in sooner than me. I will have to succeed in bus prevent. She says you’re riding so sluggish. Sit at the back of I will be able to journey it. He says that is my motorcycle. Naina says take a seat at the back of. She begins the motorcycle. he holds naina. She begins the motorcycle. She says I’m sorry I

didn’t know you didn’t take a seat correctly. Pavitra is operating within the jungle to succeed in bus prevent ahead of thugs. The thugs prevent the bus. They glance far and wide. Naina isn’t there. Dipmy is sound asleep together with her head coated. Pavitra tries to wake her up from out of doors the bus. They take fabric off from Chulbuli’s face. Pavitra says who’s she? The thug says she isn’t on this bus. Other says however that is the one bus that omes right here. Pavitra wonders the place is naina.
Pavitra punctures their jeep’s tire. They come and take a seat within the bus. The thug says how did the tire puncture. Naina says I’ve to seek out Naian didi.

She asks a kaka to provide her cycle. She says you’ll be able to stay my earrings. Chulbuli wakes up and says Naina? Where is naina? Dimpy get up. They each search for naina and get apprehensive. Naina is at the motorcycle. Pavitra is in search of Naina on cycle.
Krishna says to Naian why are you going to Koshipur? She says now not your drawback. He says you’re taking my motorcycle there. She says you care about your motorcycle now not folks? There is a ritual in koshipur. They ship women someplace a long way away, I’ve to prevent that. Krishna says prevent my motorcycle.
Pavitra falls from cycle.
Naina says are you mad? He says other folks will kill you when you communicate towards their rituals. They were believing in it for years. He says I heard a tale in early life. A crow went to owl and stated I need to be like you are making me owl too. I wanna keep up at night time too. Got it? Become like other folks of villages. then inform them what you wish to have to of their method.

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