Kaala Teeka 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Kaala Teeka 13th April 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Pavitra sits in mattress as Naina and together with her face coated. Naina is sitting in Krishana’s room and Pavitra together with her face coated. Thakur is available in and says my bride is right here. He touches her somewhat. He says why are you being shy. Krishan says we need to save Naian’s dignity if we’re a success then remainder of the lifestyles.. Naina takes to the air the ghughat. He says you.. Where is Pavitra? I’m positive she went to Thakur’s room. They each come to thakur’s room. Thakur says Naina.. in case you are there then who’s she? PAvitra takes to the air the ghughat. Thakur is set to slap her and says how dare you.. Krishna stops his hand and says don’t contact her. Thakur shoves Krishan and says how dare you. Naina says Krishan he isn’t your dad. He is the beast who ruined lives of such a lot of women and

your mother. Thakyr laughs. He shoves krishna and says he can’t do anything else. Krishan says don’t convince me to hit you. Krishan hits him. Thakur says I will be able to kill you these days. He shoves Krishan to a wall and his head bleeds.
Krishna says it doesn’t matter what you check out I will be able to by no means will let you do that sin. You have ruined such a lot of lives I wont’ help you do that to Naina. Thakur says I’m the king and nobody can prevent me. He hits Krishan. Krishan says the day villagers get to understand your fact they are going to you. Thakur says that day won’t ever come. They are silly to peer anything else. That is why they used to ship their your women to me, No one can know my fact ever. They will know our fact. A person is available in and says prevent Thakur. Dimpy Thakurain Chubs and Mai have introduced all of the villagers there. Thakurain says they have got heard your fact. A person says he has deceived us. we will be able to beat him to demise. Police comes and forestalls them from beating Thakur. He says chill out you all. Inspector says we all know your fact thakur. Thakur says I didn’t do anything else. They need to get my wealth this is the reason they’re doing this. Someone shouts he’s mendacity.. Everyone turns again. Its Mahant. He is a satan. Thakur says you.. He says sure me. The one you all the time used. He says this thakur began that ritual to ship women past river. He requested to to not take my identify, and blackmailed me that he’s going to kill my circle of relatives. He stored himself and set Mai’s space on fireplace to hunt revenge from Naina. He abducted Chutki. Married Naina. He blackmailed them. And stated that you’ll be able to’t pass out of this village till naina spends night time with me. All the lads say we will be able to kill him. Mahant says that they had no proofs in order that they needed to plan this. Krishan says Mahant’s circle of relatives is now protected that you simply blackmailed him off.
Inspector asks other folks to not take regulation of their palms. He says everyone knows the reality now. They arrest Thakur.

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