Hiiii again once more with the following episode. Waiting to find out about om and gauri. But prior to starting because of all. Now let’s get started
Om used to be made up our minds to visit his gallery. Ishana used to be now not permitting him to head however eventually she agreed.
Ishana: good enough you’re so cussed. Fine we will be able to move
Om: I looooooooove you
Ishana: good enough now prevent it get in a position to head

Om: you additionally pass and get in a position
Ishana will get in a position in order om. They each come down and take permission to head. Everyone concurs.
At gallery. They each open the door and input.
Om: see ishana not anything has modified it’s the similar the best way I left it.
Ishana: I’m feeling so superb after coming over right here
Om: include me I will be able to display each and every artwork and all of the sculptures made by way of me
They began to transport round and om used to be appearing all his artwork and sculptures to ishana.
Ishana (pointing against a room): om you have got proven me each and every artwork and sculpture of yours however that room is locked. Is there anything else very particular?
Om: you critically need to pass inside of that room?
Ishana: ya however in the event you don’t need to display me then its good enough

Om: let’s move ishana
Om opens the door ishana is hell surprised to peer the sight
Ishana: ooo…mmm
Om is continuously taking a look at ishana. Ishana used to be about to cry. He held her
Om: no ishana now not at the moment.
Ishana: you’re keen on me soooooooo a lot??
Om: I don’t know however with out you I’m incomplete.

Ishana: but if did you are making those?
Om: 6 years again once I and also you have been in combination.
The room used to be complete with ishana’s artwork and two sculpture of her.
Ishana: you liked me such a lot and I left you for this type of egocentric purpose why didn’t you convey me again
Om: you have been long past, I attempted to triumph over my ego however each and every time I failed after which such a lot of issues have been going within the circle of relatives so I omitted my feeling.
Ishana hugged om. Om reciprocated the hug. Then om kissed on ishana’s brow after which ishana kissed on each om’s cheeks. They shared an intense eye lock and once more hugged each and every different. Om used to be caressing ishana’s face. They sat in combination at a spot.
Om: ishana I need to confess one thing

Ishana: confess???
Om: sure ishana I will have to say it ahead of our dating turns into extra intense.
Ishana: good enough om
Om: ishana after you have been long past and in any case the ones circle of relatives dramas I had develop into a heartless individual. I’ve began to belive that real love does now not exist. But then a woman..
Ishana (chopping om in between): a woman??
Om: sure a woman named gauri got here in my lifestyles

Ishana may just now not consider her ears however she turned into extra to understand the tale after she heard the ultimate sentence of om.
Om: she used to be so vigorous, sure power and love. I met her and not paid a lot consideration to her. But she made me understand once more that real love exists there in our lifestyles.
Ishana: you fell in love together with her?
Om: I don’t know however her presence made me really feel satisfied. May be I’ve began to like her. One day she confessed her like to me.
Ishana: then what did you assert?
Om: I liked her presence, I liked her the entirety so I stated sure to her however quickly I noticed what’s actual love.
Ishana: what do you imply and the place is she now?
Om: she is not more
Ishana: what?
Om: sure in the future somebody sought after to shoot me and she or he got here in between. She died on the health facility.

Om’s eyes are crammed up with water now. Ishana patted his again.
Om: have you learnt ishana when she additionally left me I understood that what’s actual love and that’s the time once I learned that I in point of fact love you as a result of my love against her used to be only a feeling of time being. I attempted to seek for you however I failed after which that twist of fate.
Ishana: I really like you om and I will be able to by no means depart you on my own any time. for you if I’ve to die additionally I will be able to die.
Om places his hands on her lips and nods his head in no.
Om: by no means utter this phrase once more or else…….
Ishana: good enough now are we able to pass

Om: no please take a seat with me no less than for some extra time please.
Scene shifts to shivika’s room
Anika: shivay I omit my previous tadibaaz pati parmeshwar
Shivay: pati parmeshwar? Not once more anika
Anika: no significantly I leave out you and your previous tantrums so much
Shivay: critically?
Anika: sure
Shivay: good enough then
Shivay closes the door. He hugs anika. He kisses on her brow, then on her lips. Again they shared a passionate kiss. They broke aside.
Shivay: you’re extremely popular anika
Anika: and you’re very s*xy billu
Shivay: billu? It does now not pass with the phrase s*xy.
Anika: you’re billu for me

She tries to run away however shivay holds her throws her at the mattress. He kisses in all places her face, neck, abdomen and however a lip lock. They each then get’s up.
Anika: you are going to by no means depart a unmarried probability na to do romance with me?
Shivay: what the hell I’m romancing my spouse when you insist I will be able to appoint a woman to romance with.
Anika: by no means take into consideration that agar aapne kabhi bhi mujhe chhorkar koi or ladki ke taraf dekha to mai apke aankh noch lungi
Shivay: then how can you name me kanji aankho wala bhagad billa then after?
Anika: tadibaaz kahin ke
Shivay: I really like you my jaan

Anika: I really like you too my jaan
They hug each and every different and shivay kisses on her brow after which on her hand.

Thank you to everyone for his or her give a boost to. I do know the episodes at the moment are changing into dull. So I’m deciding to finish this ff quickly. So bye for today-NILASH

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