Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shwetlana and Anika dance in Naagin music. Shivaye and everybody really feel awkward seeing them. Shivaye covers up Rudra’s eyes. They all flip away. Some time sooner than, Shivaye says the place did she pass, did you get her. Priyanka says no. Anika comes. Shivaye asks the place are you going. She says house. He says that is your house. She says no, I don’t take into account. He says its since you misplaced reminiscence. She says depart me, I’ve to head my house. He says close up and include me to our room. She says depart me, I don’t need to move any place.

He will get her to room and says you keep right here, did you take note anything else. She asks is that this room mine…. there’s not anything great, inexperienced carpet, what’s this curtain colour aggregate, and this orange settee… He says you’ll be able to’t say anything else about my room, its best. She says

you simply stated its my room, now you’re pronouncing this. He says I intended its our room. She asks how, I don’t know you. He says glance Anika. She says wait, who’s Anika. He says you’re Anika. She says I m Kalavati Thakur. He asks what.

She says you idea I gained’t know, I do know the whole thing, I got here right here for some paintings and also you all stuck me up. He says you don’t seem to be Kalavati, who stated that, pay attention to me. She says no, I don’t accept as true with anything else you assert. He appears at her. She says don’t stare at me, you’ll be able to’t scare me via your kanju eyes, I m going. He says Michmichi…. She stops.

He says Tadi, khidhki tod, helicopter…… you bear in mind, did any bell ring. She says you’re utterly mad. He says that is my… why don’t you know, you’re Anika, you spoiled the issues. She says what’s this language, what peculiar phrases are you pronouncing. He says its your language. She says you’re pronouncing it, I don’t have any time to waste, I m going. He asks the place. She says any place, I will be able to now not keep right here. He says no, you gained’t move. She asks why. He says its Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s rule right here, I don’t like to listen to no. She asks him to not come forward. He walks to her.

She turns and will get a water jug. She throws water on his face. He pauses and recollects Anika throwing water on him sooner than. He says you will have thrown water on me. She says you perhaps Shivaye Singh Oberoi, however I m Kumari Kalavati Thakur, I don’t like taking orders. She palms over the jug to him. Rudra comes and appears on. Anika leaves. Anika sees Tia out of doors and says its just right I were given you right here, its simply you right here whom I will be able to utterly accept as true with. Tia reacts in reality…. Shivaye and Rudra additionally react the similar. Anika nods and says in reality, see this guy were given me to his room forcibly and now not letting me pass, you’re great, simply save me. Tia says don’t fear, I m with you. Shivaye says Tia…. Tia says overlook it Shivaye, she wishes me at this time. Tia and Anika depart. Rudra says Sautan bani saheli, Anika’s highest pal is Tia. Shivaye says in point of fact issues were given spoiled.

Anika says simply you’ll be able to lend a hand me in leaving from right here, however I m scared. Shwetlana comes there and holds Anika. Anika worries and says you…. Tia says she is Shwetlana, she additionally remains right here. Shwetlana says you assume you’ll will let you pass simply, do one thing that they make you allow from right here. Anika asks what. Shwetlana says include me, I will be able to give an explanation for. Tia says its k, you’ll be able to accept as true with her, she is a in reality great individual. Anika asks what do I’ve to do. Shwetlana says include me.

Shivaye says we need to make Anika repair her reminiscence. Rudra says its now not an issue that she thinks folks as her enemy, drawback is she thinks Tia is her pal. Dadi calls out Shivaye. Shivaye and Rudra move and notice Anika and Shwetlana dancing on Naagin track. Rudra covers his eyes. Shivaye too covers Rudra’s eyes. Shwetlana and Anika display scorching strikes. Everyone really feel awkward. Anika dances with Shivaye and shoves him.

Dadi asks what came about to my Anika. Shivaye says she were given mad, she does now not perceive, now I’ve to turn into SSO. He lifts Anika and takes her to room. She scolds him. He asks her to close up else…. Anika asks what else, will you beat me. He will get a fruit knife and presentations her. She will get surprised.

She says I will be able to shout. He assists in keeping knife close to her chin and asks what is going to you do. She says I… He says you’ll do what I say, open your eyes and pay attention, your identify is Anika, you keep on this space since you are my….. we each are married, you comply with me all the time, you don’t leap over desk and dance, you by no means throw water on me, you comply with the entirety I say, you behave with me smartly, did you get that smartly Anika. She says however my identify is Kalavati. He says your identify is Anika, and my identify is Shivaye Singh Oberoi, what’s it…. say it. She says Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

He says now you argument, you are going to do what I say, if I ask you to return on this room, you are going to come, if I say take a seat, you’ll take a seat, if I say be quiet and communicate, you are going to do this, understood? She says sure. He says should you attempt to run away then…. see this knife…. if this hurts, it bleeds, will you run clear of this space. She says no. He says promise. She says guarantees. He throws the knife again aspect and it will get caught in apple so completely. She appears on surprises. He recollects her and says Pinky promise. She asks what’s that. He presentations the pinky finger. She asks what shall I do. He says give me your finger. She tensely guarantees. He says that is pinky promise. She pushes him and runs. He calls her out. He says this woman will make me mad.

Anika takes a breath. Dadi holds Anika. Dadi asks what came about, I do know when reminiscences get erased, individual does now not know who is expensive and who’s stranger, individual will have to practice center, reminiscences get erased, now not emotions, everyone seems to be yours right here, none needs to harm you, none needs to kill you, Billu can by no means do this. Anika asks Billu. Dadi says Kanji eyed one, he’s your husband, and husband is Lord, accept as true with the sindoor and suhaag, he’s going to now not do anything else mistaken with you, he’s going to now not let mistaken occur with you. She recollects Shivaye. Shivaye shouts Anika. Anika says he’s calling me. Dadi says don’t fear, he’s your husband and husband is…. Anika says he’s Parmeshwar/Lord. Dadi asks her to pay attention.

Shivaye asks what’s your telephone doing right here, you will have it. He turns and sees Anika with sindoor and mangalsutra in hand.

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