Ishqbaaz 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus Ishqbaaz 18th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The automobiles encompass Shivaye and make circles in top velocity. Fake Shivaye’s lens pop out. Shivaye says depart me and shouts. A woman comes and says simply chill out. Some time sooner than, Dadi says our space Laxmi will do Aarti, Anika come. Anika sees Pinky and Shivaye. Shivaye nods. Anika smiles and is going. She does aarti. The aarti plate moves the diya stand and falls off her palms. Everyone glance on. Pinky asks what did you do. Shakti says chill out Pinky, no want to be so indignant. Pinky says abshagun prior to puja began. Anika and everybody see the idol. Jhanvi says Anika chill out, the entirety might be positive. Shivaye says not anything came about. Dadi says don’t fear, Soumya take Anika to the room.

Soumya asks Anika are you nice. Anika says not anything is ok, I m feeling abnormal since morning. She recollects kinner’s phrases.

She thinks what am I considering, its simply my idea, the entirety is ok. Shivaye wakes up and sees the woman. She drives a motorcycle and is going off. He will get up.

Pinky and Jhanvi ask Priyanka to not be shy. Ranveer makes her put on the hoop. Everyone clap. Shivaye sees some automobiles coming near. The automobiles encompass Shivaye.

Priyanka makes Ranveer put on the hoop. Everyone clap. Anika sees Shivaye getting tears and thinks Shivaye is so emotional about Priyanka. Shivaye appears on the automobiles, making rounds. He asks who’re you all, get me out of right here. The automobiles make circles in top velocity to make the air dusty. Shivaye feels ill through the dusty smoke. He falls down. The automobiles depart.

At house, Fake Shivaye lens come off one eye. The males catch Shivaye and drag him. Shivaye says depart me, you don’t know who I m. They put him in a depressing room. Shivaye asks who’re you, inform me what quantity of money you wish to have, depart me, I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi. A woman comes and says simply chill out. He asks who’re you, depart me, simply inform me, what quantity of money you wish to have. She says you’ll know what they would like and is going. He says I’ve to head, its Priyanku’s marriage.

Dadi says come, we will be able to take a circle of relatives photograph. Shakti stands with Kamini. Pinky stares at house. Shakti makes Tej stand between. Kamini says we may have referred to as press. Pinky says we will be able to’t name press on your presence, be mindful the drama came about final time. Anika says why do I think so. Jhanvi stands with Tej. Shakti is going to Pinky. Anika sees circle of relatives and Shivaye on her both facets. She says the entirety is ok, Shivaye is status in entrance of me, why do I think one thing spoiled, why am I getting reasonable ideas, Shivaye is true, I m considering so much concerning the dream, I m being worried and being worried others, I will be able to battle with Shivaye as soon as, then I will be able to really feel just right.

His lens falls down. She walks to him and says Shivaye. He turns to her in part. Servant comes and asks him to have chocolates, Dadi stated. He sees his face and eyes within the tray. He sees two other eye colour, and thinks the place did Kanji eye fell. He will get Khanna’s name and talks. Rudra says its circle of relatives photograph time, come. Anika says Shivaye is on name. He says he’s going to come, you return. Shivaye sees the lens fallen. He says I would like all information, flight attendant, team of workers, the entirety, k. He thinks if Pahelwan turns, my Kanji eye shall be long past. Rudra asks why are you touching my ft. Anika says what are you doing, everyone seems to be seeing. Shivaye sees a servant getting beverages. He will get up and collides. He holds and covers his eye, and says can’t you spot and stroll, I were given harm. Anika says I will be able to see. Shivaye says I will be able to arrange and is going. Anika says I will be able to lend a hand him and are available. She is going after him. He shuts room’s door.

Pinky says all issues come on Shivaye. Jhanvi says thandai fell on him, what’s the large deal. Pinky says I’ve mum’s center. Kamini says I’ve to inform one thing, are you able to include me. Pinky asks her to mention right here itself. Kamini says I will be able to’t, include me. They move. Shivaye seems to be for lens and throws out issues from cabinet. Anika calls him out and says open the door, I will be able to permit you to. He shouts I will be able to organize. She shouts Shivaye. He says Shivaye, your spouse can’t be quiet. He thinks the place did he stay lens.

Rudra comes and asks what came about. She says I m looking ahead to Shivaye, he’s throwing issues. He says he perhaps be discovering one thing. She says I may just lend a hand him. He asks shall I spoil door. She says little need, we’ve got opposite direction. He asks window one. She smiles and is going. Shivaye says assume the place did I stay the lens field. Anika knocks window and asks him to open it. He sees her and worries. She manages to open window and will get in. She sees the room tousled. He holds towel over his eye. She asks are you high quality. He strikes towel off his face.. He asks what are you doing right here. She says I used to be considering to lend a hand. He says I m now not a child. She says how did you reduce to rubble the room. He says I used to be discovering hand towel. She says that’s why I stated I will be able to lend a hand. He begins arguing. She says sorry, I used to be asking as your issues are by no means at one position. He says I used to be in hurry, Priyanku’s engagement is going on, I will be able to make it high quality after coming again. She will get considering.

Anika says I think you’re abnormal. He asks if I m now not Shivaye, am I replica Shivaye. She asks why are you pronouncing so. He argues together with her and takes blanket. She asks why are you going out. He says as a result of I would like area, its my space. She says effective, you sleep in room, I will be able to sleep out of doors. She cries.

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