Imran vows to punish looters after coming into power

UCH SHARIF: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday vowed to catch giant thieves and put them at the back of bars after coming into power.

Speaking at a rally right here, Khan stated that corruption destroys a country. Our jails are stuffed with deficient and the ones dedicated minor crimes.

Pakistani’s dwelling in Dubai had invested Rs800 billions there during the last 4 years. People would have discovered jobs right here had they spent this quantity within the nation

Government has no cash to teach youngsters however thieves had bought palaces in Dubai and London by cash laundering.

Speaking concerning the former top minister, the PTI leader stated that Nawaz Sharif had lied to the courts and submitted pretend paperwork. The ex-PM additionally failed to supply a unmarried record to poof his innocence sooner than JIT, Khan maintained.

The one that laundered Rs300 billion is now asking why he used to be expelled?

He requested Prime Minister Abbasi that why he were giving protocol to an accused?

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