High and dry: Pakistan´s penchant for hash

A Pakistani lady smoking a cannabis cigarette in Peshawar. AFP

PESHAWAR: Niaz Ali is a deeply non secular guy: He prays 5 occasions an afternoon and visits the mosque as often as imaginable. But he additionally likes to smoke cannabis — loads of it.

Despite it being forbidden by his religion, the 50 year-old estimates he spends about 30 % of his profits as a cab motive force at the addiction.

His love affair with hashish started as an occasional puff with pals when he used to be a youngster, however has since morphed right into a full-blown habit for the father-of-nine.

A Pakistani guy smoking cannabis in a chillum pipe close to a shrine in Peshawar. AFP

“It is a sacred plant. A sacred intoxication,” says Ali, who requested to make use of a pseudonym, after taking a recent rip off a hookah full of stinky hash in Pakistan´s bustling northwestern the city of Peshawar.

“It´s like a 2d spouse, this habit,” he sighs.

While Ali freely recognizes the use of hash runs counter to the tenets of Islam, he insists it has its benefits.

“We know that it’s haram however it´s an intoxication that doesn´t hurt any person else,” he explains.

In Pakistan,  the intake of alcohol is exactly forbidden for Muslims. Any semblance of a sybaritic nightlife takes position at house at the back of closed doorways, the place the country´s elite were recognized to quaff booze.

But many Pakistanis are strangely open to the use of hashish, with the spongy, black hash constructed from marijuana grown within the country´s tribal belt and neighbouring Afghanistan the most well liked variant of the drug.

Whereas alcohol is explicitly forbidden in Islamic scripture, hash reputedly straddles a theological grey zone, which might give an explanation for its reputation within the nation.

Even if maximum observant Muslims in Pakistan scoff on the concept of consuming, a prod into their emotions on marijuana regularly triggers a wry smile adopted by a trite maxim about how just right it makes meals style or how restful sleep may also be after a toke.

´No compromise on hash´ 

Maulana Mohammad Tayyab Qureshi, the imam of the primary Peshawar mosque, talking all the way through an interview with AFP.

People were smoking hash at the subcontinent for centuries.

It predates the arriving of Islam within the area, as regards to hashish showing within the sacred Hindu Atharva Veda textual content describing its medicinal and ritual makes use of.

According to a 2013 UN survey, hashish used to be probably the most extensively fed on drug in Pakistan with round 4 million customers, representing three.6 % of the inhabitants — a determine that has drawn scepticism in a rustic the place dependable knowledge may also be arduous to return by.

Pakistani smoker hanging cannabis right into a chillum pipe prior to smoking in Peshawar. AFP

“It´s an irony,” says Dr. Parveen Azam Khan, president of the Dost Welfare Foundation, a nonprofit that treats drug addicts in Peshawar.

Despite its popular intake, now not all are satisfied about hash´s occurrence within the so-called “Land of the Pure”.

“There isn’t any compromise with cannabis,” says Maulana Mohammad Tayyab Qureshi, the imam of the primary Peshawar mosque.

According to Qureshi, anything else that reasons intoxication or physically hurt is exactly forbidden within the religion. He chalks up marijuana´s reputation in Pakistan as a regulation enforcement factor.

Public well being mavens additionally warn the ever present availability of inexpensive hash in Pakistan´s northwest has been particularly destructive to impoverished youngsters, who increasingly more use the drug to take care of the hardships of poverty and trauma from years of militant violence.

“For youngsters, it´s the drug of selection,” says Dr. Khan, blaming the vicious nexus between the region´s narco-funded insurgencies and well-liked drug use for the scourge.

Pakistan additionally stays wholly unequipped to take care of the issue, with the UN survey pronouncing a dearth of remedy clinics and prohibitive prices assists in keeping customers from looking for lend a hand.

´Wakes up your mind´

A Pakistani lady smoking a cannabis cigarette in Peshawar. AFP

But in Islamic shrines salted around the nation others see hashish as more benign.

At the Bari Badshah shrine within the center of Peshawar, fans of the Sufi sect of Islam collect in a small courtyard nightly, the place they smoke copious quantities of hash and pay attention to devotional track whilst draining tea by the kettle.

Conversations are fluid, best to be interrupted by onerous drags off hash pipes with the occasional track carried out by some of the devotees.

“The fundamental paintings of hash… it wakes up new corners for your thoughts,” says Mohammed Amin, 50.

A Pakistani smoker making ready cannabis prior to filling it right into a cigarette in Peshawar. AFP

According to Sayeed Asjid, 27, such shrines are welcome to participants of any religion and in Peshawar are frequented by high-level bureaucrats, cops and participants of safety businesses.

“It´s a deep rest,” says Asjid of the hashish excessive as he exhales clouds of marijuana smoke.

But Sufi shrines were the common goal through the years by Taliban militants and sectarian extremists just like the Islamic State workforce, who view the paranormal sect as heretical.

“That used to be handiest to unfold worry and havoc,” says Asjid of the assaults, whilst expressing his religion within the energy of the shrine to offer protection to.

The herb is not just loved by free-spirited Sufi mystics.

Mehwish, a unmarried mom of 3, says the occasional joint is helping arrange the tension that incorporates the day by day grind.

 A Pakistani smoker maintaining a fit to a clump of cannabis to melt it sooner than blending it with cigarette tobacco in Peshawar. AFP

“You can use hash if you find yourself on my own… then you’ll be able to assume in a comfortable means,” says Mehwish, whose identify has been modified on request.

Although she admits maximum of her circle of relatives are ignorant of her addiction, the 26-year-old is a company believer in its advantages.

She provides: “When you are feeling just right and you´re lively and it places a grin for your face then no one minds.”

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