Har Mard Ka Dard 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Vinod asking Sonu the place is his bag? Sonu asks if he recalls? Vinod asks sure. Sonu reminds him that his mum have returned crockery despatched by way of her oldsters. She asks him to vow like a prisoner and say that he’s going to convey Champak logo crockery and promote his mum’s previous copper crockery. Vinod guarantees her and will get tensed. Anju tells Dadi that she is getting time to play on cellular as she is dealing with kitchen paintings once more. Dadi says cellular made lifestyles simple and says if we had cellular for your marriage, then my husband would had advised me that not anything is left to consume. Anju says if cellular were then, then horseman would have knowledgeable my Papa then many visitors are coming. Dadi says my barathis had not anything. Anju is emotionally hooked up to the copper crockery. Dadi name callings her.


thinks she is emotionally hooked up with this and thinks methods to care for her. He tells her that nani had stored shradh meals in probably the most utensil and he noticed one handicapped crow consuming from it, and says we will now not use those utensils. Anju asks which is that utensil. Vinod says I don’t have in mind and tells that whoever eats in that utensils, their temper might be off. Anju says what we will be able to do now. She says we will get these types of utensils modified and asks him to convey bag in order that she will pack. Vinod packs all utensils and says there is not any previous stuff at house. Sonu says on every occasion you behaves accountable, you glance fatal adorable. Anju says my son is like desi ghee. Vinod thinks he’s the only guy of the arena who made his spouse and mum satisfied at one time. Papa ji thinks spouse and mum are loving him a lot, it kind of feels he’s going to get drowned.

Anju tells her husband that her son is getting all utensils modified on her pronouncing. Papa ji says he don’t do anything else on her pronouncing and says it may well be your pronouncing. Sonu says sure. Anju says he’s converting utensils as a result of handicapped crow. Sonu says he has promised me to get the issues modified. Vinod promote all utensils and get only one bowl in trade. He will get Taneja’s message, and is going to university. Principal is educating the scholars. Vinod will get name from Anju. He tells that he has bought the utensils. Sonu’s name comes. He places Anju’s name on grasp. Anju asks which design he likes. Vinod says he’s busy? He ends name with Anju. Sonu calls once more and tells that she is sending her selfies with 3 varieties of crockery. Vinod says he’s busy. Principal asks if he’s speaking to his mum. Vinod says he were given his spouse’s name in between and asks for depart. Principal asks him to go away angrily.

Vinod comes out whilst speaking to them. Anju asks him to convey previous utensils again and says she is emotionally hooked up with it. Vinod then talks to Anju considering her to be Sonu and tells that Anju is pestering him to deliver her utensils again. He then places her on hang and tells Sonu considering her to be Anju that Sonu is consuming his mind and compelled him to switch the utensils. Sonu shouts at him. Vinod unearths himself lure. Sonu says I will be able to deliver you on line. Vinod is surprised. He thinks if I shall take again previous utensils and purchase new crockery. He unearths himself in a repair.

Apsara comes and sits at the back of on his automobile. She asks what he’s going to do now, and tells concerning the probabilities. Vinod thinks I will be able to be crushed and thinks what to do, crockery or utensils. He is going to buy keeper and asks him to go back his utensils. Shop keeper tells that he were given utensils melted. Apsara performs with the spoon. Vinod asks her to prevent enjoying. Shop keeper thinks he has long past mad. Apsara asks him to make use of thoughts. Vinod asks him to provide previous taking a look copper utensils. Papa ji says I will be able to consume in Sonu’s crockery. Anju says this utensils turns out new and other. Vinod says he were given utensils polished. Anju exams her identify and says my identify is written in English, and says my identify used to be written in hindi on previous utensils. Sonu asks the place is champak logo written. Vinod tries to turn the identify and breaks utensils accidently. Everyone is surprised. Sonu says it used to be your plan, you sought after to make Mummy ji satisfied breaking my utensils. Anju asks him to deliver her previous stuff.

Vinod apologizes to them and says he attempted to lead them to satisfied, however failed. Anju asks let us know, you’re keen on whom extra? Sonu additionally asks him to inform. Dadi asks them to chill out. She tells Anju that Sonu will make meals if crockery is used. She then inform Sonu that if copper utensil is used then Anju will make meals. Sonu has the same opinion and tells Anju to make meals in copper utensils. Anju asks her to lend a hand her. They hug each and every different. Anju says it used to be given to me via my mummy. Sonu scolds Vinod for now not telling her that copper utensils used to be given through nani. She will get emotional. Anju asks her to name her mum. Sonu calls her mum and invitations them house. She then asks Anju to make dhoklas and so on as her oldsters are coming……Anju scolds Vinod for calling his inlaws. Vinod asks what mistaken I’ve finished. Papa ji says this is known as come on bull and beat me. Vinod seems on.

Sonu asks Vinod to provide birthday celebration for her oldsters. Vinod asks what about my oldsters. Sonu asks him to speak to them.

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