Govt suspends licenses of automatic weapons

ISLAMABAD: The executive has suspended all licenses of automatic weapons with prohibited bore class.

“In workout of powers conferred underneath Section 12(1)(b), the Pakistan Arms Ordinance 1965, the Federal Government within the higher public hobby, hereby, suspends all hands licenses or automatic weapons inside of prohibited class issyed by Ministry of Interior with exception of licenses issued to regulation enforcement businesses and executive organizations,� read a notification issued by the federal government.

Notification issued by the federal government of Pakistan

The holder of the automatic weapons were directed to get their weapons transformed into non-automatic weapons from approved palms sellers and get it verified by workplaces of involved government.

“The licensees would possibly, thereafter means NADRA for issuance of new non-prohibited bore license for the transformed weapons in lieu of prohibited bore licenses,� the notification said.

The internal ministry has directed the holders of automatic weapons to deposit their weapons with government towards compensations.

The notification reads that failure to agree to the directed motion will entail instant cancellation of licenses of weapons. 

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