Ghulam 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Ghulam 9th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Gulguli washes Bhisma’s ft and seeing him tensed requests to chill out. Bhisma says he defeated giant wrestlers in his lifetime and a unmarried guy nowadays proved that any one can input Berahampur simply and kill all of them in seconds. He constructed his kingdom in 21 years running arduous day and night time, who will rule over it after him. Gulguli says their criminal heirs will rule over it. As consistent with panditji’s wordings, Shivani stored her and can give their criminal inheritor. He will have to ship invitation to Ardhnareshwarm maharaj. Bhisma says he already despatched invitation. Gulguli says then she is going to have fun holi in a grand means this time.

Rangeela serves meals to deficient at a temple. Poojari asks who gave charity. Shivani watches from her balcony. Rangeela says unnamed individual, then says a spouse. He says whoever has finished this charity has bizarre needs and the ones is probably not fulfilled. Poojari says with god’s grace, anything else can occur.

Mamaji comes out of Rangeela’s space and status close to temple prays god to get him out of this drawback and ship any person for his lend a hand. Guard sees him and shoos him again into space.

Gulguli does Shivani’s aarti and asks her to put in writing kid on a flour as it is going to move to Ardhnareshwar maharaj. She apologizes Shivani for false impression her that she combined one thing in Veer’s meals and says she will ask anything else. Shivani says she needs to get out of this position. Gulguli says this is a a method visitors, no one can get out of Berahampur when they are available, she will ask one thing else. Shivani says she needs too meet her mamaji on a regular basis. Guguli says best sarkaar can allow her, she is going to attempt to persuade him to let her meet mamaji as soon as every week.

At night time, Shivani sleep on flooring and feels somebody is gazing her. She sees veer conscious and turns at the different aspect. She then sees a canine barking on her and jumps on Veer’s mattress and thinks Veer is forcing her to get on his mattress. Veer laughs and orders canine to not chew Shivani till his order and now not let her away from bed.

Precap: Veer asks Shivani whose aarti she needs to do. Shivani says Bholenath’s. Veer reminisces forcing Rangeela that he’s his god says she will have to do his aarti. Shivani says when it’s relating to god, she won’t compromise.

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