Ghulam 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Ghulam 7th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Rangeela brings under the influence of alcohol physician to regard Veer. Bhisma scolds Rangeela to throw physician out. Rangeela says he’s the one physician to be had in Berahampur at this time and they have got no different choice. Doctor does a bit of of drama underneath inebriation. Madawali feeds him lemon water, even then he continues drama. Gulguli pleads Bhisma to save lots of Veer. Bhisma hits physician’s brow with gun. Doctor will get into senses and pleads to tie towel on his brow. He then treats Veer and says it’s transparent meals poisoning. Bhisma provides him cash and leaves.

Maldawali alleges Shivani that she added one thing in Veer’s meals. Shivani pleads she didn’t do anything else. Gulguli additionally alleges and exams her cabinet. Bhisma stops her and says nonetheless Veer is ill and as soon as he will get smartly, they’re going to punish Shivani. Rangeela says he does now not agree with Shviani as she fed him hypnotic combined toffee

Aryan enters Berahampur once more and kills a guard and put on his get dressed. Veer orders Rangeela to kick Shivani out of haveli for entire night time as a punishment. Raneela drags hers out. She pleads if he thinks that she may give him hypnotic toffee and take a look at to kill Rangeela. He does now not pay attention to her and drag her until haveli’s primary door and orders guard not to let Shivani in.

Veer comes down and tells Rangeela that he can listen a time bomb sound. Rangeela says he’s going to test. Veer says he’s effective now they usually each get started searchin. Aryan will get out of room dressed in guard’s get dressed. Other guards repeat code and he repeats flawed code. They level gun to shoot him, however he spray hypnotic on them they usually all cave in. He says that is global’s maximum tough hypnotic. Arya then exams chip places in 100 and 500 rs notes. He lines 500 rs notice to Gulguli’s room. Time in rest room blasts and launched hypnotic fuel throughout haveli. Veer and rangeela adopted through others fall subconscious. Shivani is noticed out of doors.

Pecap: Aryan gathers subconscious Veer’s circle of relatives and Rangeela and says himself he’s going to kill all of them and take commander Raghav’s revenge. Shivani watches him hiding.

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