Ghulam 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Ghulam 21st March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Inebriated Shivani issues gun on herself and threatens Rangeela to mention I really like you, else she is going to shoot herself. She counts. He says I really like you. He then takes her to his space. Mamaji will get more than happy seeing her. She runs and hugs him. Mamaji asks what came about to her. Rangeela says any person gave her bhang. Shivani acts bizarre and jokes with amma. Amma asks who’s she. Shivani asks who’s she. Amma says she is pagaliya/mad. Shivani repeats. Rangeela scolds to thoughts her tongue, she is his amma. Shivani runs and holds Amma’s ft pronouncing sasumaa. Amma asks what’s that. Shivani says she is her bahu. Amma will get very excited and does her aarti. Mamaji asks Rangeela to get antidote for bhang.

Inebraited Gulguli, Bhisma, and Veer succeed in house and act bizarre. They climb dummy elephant, and so forth.. Gulguli asks to name Shivani as she will have to be sound asleep in her room. Maldawali walks against Sivani’s room reminiscing giving bhang combined prasad to Shivani. She does now not in finding Shivani in her room and leaves.

Rangeela brings antidote. Shivani performs track and begins dancing on ladki stunning kargayi chul..Amma dances alongside her. Shivani then switches off song and says she is going to dance together with her husband. She forces Rangeela to bop together with her and hugging him tells I really like you. Rangeela will get worried. Shivani’s drama continues. She then performs recreation with amma. Rangeela provides antidote in water to her and calls malkin. She says she is ghulaam.

Bhisma, Gulguli, and Veer’s drama proceed. They ask Malawali why did she lie that Shivani used to be in room, now she shall be punished. She has to behave as Shivani these days, take a seat like her and cry like her entire day. They drive Maldawali to cry and mimic Shivani on gunpoint. Maldawali fumes that she is being punished as a result of Shivani, she won’t spare her now.

Precap: Veer reaches Rangeela’s space. Shivani shouts she is right here. Rangeela hides Shivani in his room, opens door and tells malkin didn’t come right here. Shivani.

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