Ghulam 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Ghulam 14th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Shivani will get frightened seeing Rangeela critically injured after Atom canine bit him. She tears her dupatta to tie on his wound. Maldawali ties dupatta and says he’s going to now not get this type of just right malkin who is concerned about ghulam. Shivani runs and brings water and pleads any person to name document. Rangeela’s good friend takes him on motorcycle.

At haveli, Veer will get satisfied that through now Atom will have to have bitten Shivani by way of now. Shivani returns house with Madlawali and Rashi. Veer is surprised and asks the place is Atom. Maldawali says will have to be napping someplace after Shivani put gulaal in his eyes. Veer shouts on Shivani how did she achieve such a lot braveness. Maldawali says canine used to be biting Rangeela and to save lots of him, Shivani threw gulaal in Atom’s eyes. Veer angrily tries to slap Shivani, however Gulguli stops her and says she is making ready Shivani for a child and he is making an attempt to hurt her. Veer angrily calls Rangeela and slaps him for preventing Atom. He then choices rod to hit Rangeela when Bhisma comes and forestalls Veer. Veer demanding situations Rangeela for a wrestling fit and orders to be wrestling floor entire night time.

Rashmi returns to her room and sees Manmeet writhing in ache with out medicine. Manmeet asks if she had medicine any time. She says no. He asks to put in writing which school she were to. She writes RQ school. He says this school scholars are drug addicts, how did she break out. Rashmi issues how does he find out about her school. He says he can not have medicine lately as he took amma’s oath, so she will have to tie him to a chair. She hesitates and he insists. She ties him.

Shivani sees Rangeela writhing in ache because of canine chew and takes turmeric milk for him. He resists. He orders him and frightens. She consents and gulps milk. Their dialogue and nok jhok continues.

In the morning, Rangeela and Veer come to wrestling floor for a fit. Veer takes oath on aarti that he’s going to now not spare Rangeela considering him as his favourite ghulam. He orders Rangeela to take oath that he is probably not lenient considering him as his malik. Their fit begins. Veer throws throwing Rangeela in air many times. Shivani will get apprehensive for Veer.

Precap: Ardh nareshwar marharaj enters Berahampur haveli on a palanquin. Bhisma loudly greets him.

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