Ghulam 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Ghulam 10th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Shivani sits on Veer’s mattress shivering in worry seeing Veer’s canine barking on her. She tries to get down, however climbs up seeing canine barking. Veer wakes up and asks if she is afraid, he’s going to stay pillow in between. Shivani falls drowsy. Veer opens eyes and smirks. Dog sleeps. In the morning, Shivani sees canine asleep and tries to get down, however canine wakes up and shouts. Shivani shouts lend a hand…Veer will get up and scolds why she is shouting within the morning. Shivani says she wishes to head to rest room. Veer asks to plead and say please let her move. Shivani repeats. Veer orders his god Atom let his malkin/boss pass. Dog runs against Veer and Shivani runs out. Veer pampers canine and says he’s too just right.

Maldawali serves breakfast to Bhisma and Gulguli. Manmeet come sand sits on Veer’s seat. Bhisma scolds

him to rise up, it’s Veer’s seat. Manmeet sits on subsequent seat. Gulguli says it’s Shivani’s seat, he will have to seat in subsequent seat. Manmeet laughs that until now Shivani didn’t take a seat subsequent to Veer. Veer comes with Atom. Shivani will get afraid seeing Atom. Bhisma says canine is just right, what’s his identify. Veer says Atom. Gulguli says why did he deliver canine into kitchen. Veer says he’s Atom and now not canine, if he used to be with him way back, commando shouldn’t have barged in. He asks Manmeet to transport as it’s Shivani’s seat. Manmeet says if Shivani sits subsequent to Veer, he’s going to now not smoke weed for 1 day. Veer asks to take Gulguli’s oath and orders Atom to get his malkin on seat. Shivani runs and sits on chair. Veer laughs and asks Manmeet to take amma’s oath now. Manmeet takes Gulguli’s oath that he’s going to now not smoke weed for 1 day. Rangeela comes and tells Bhisma somebody is calling cash. Bhisma orders to provide it then. Veer orders Rangeela to serve his malik and malkin. Rangeela serves, however Shivani backs off desk considering she can not let her husband serve. Veer tells Bhisma that Shivani locked commando in room to save lots of her husband Rangeela and laughs on Rangeela that he introduced a incorrect woman. Shivani asks god’s forgiveness for letting her husband serve her.

After breakfast, Maldawali teaches tricky dance steps to Rashmi and Shivani. Shivani feels dizzy because of loss of sleep. Rashmi alerts her to head and relaxation. Maldawli continues educating her tricky step and she or he falls down. Maldawali asks her to head and relaxation. Shivani is going to her room limping. Gulguli comes and asks the place is Shivani. Maldawali says she fell whilst studying tricky step and went to her room to relaxation, she many times is going to room to relaxation. Rashmi says no. Gulguli scolds her.

Rangeela’s amma brings parrot house. Mamaji will get satisfied seeing his puppy parrot. Parrot is going and sits on mamaji’s hand. Mamaji asks the place used to be he. Parrot says any person caged him and asks the place is Shivani didi. Mamaji says she is in Berahampur itself. Amma brings stick with hit mama. Mamaji calls her samdhan. She asks if this is a curse. Mamaji says this is a dating after one’s son is married to at least one’s daughter. Rangeela enters. Amma asks Rangeela if he married and asks to take her oath.

Precap: Shivani is going to Bholenath’s temple. Veer orders Atom to show a lesson to Shivani, in order that she does now not dare stand in entrance of him. Atom assaults Shivani, however Rangeela saves her. Atom bites Rangeela.

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