Ghulaam 31st January 2017 Written Episode Updates

Ghulaam 31st January 2017 Written Episode

Gululi orders Rangeela to remain exterior temple and takes Shivani and Veer into temple. Shivani with different villagers prays god to guard her. Rangeela enters in and provides one thing to Gulguli. A villager tries to go in and pushes Rangeela who in flip pushes Gulguli. Rangeela stands subsequent to Shivani. Veer walks close to idol, slits his thumb and makes Tilak, drags Shivani with him and says and says she has accepted him as husband and can dwell and die with him now.

Again dwelling, Rangeela does Veer’s again therapeutic massage and says his backache will vanish with sizzling oil. Veer says he lifted and threw massive wrestlers in dangal/wrestling floor, however right now acquired backache lifting a 40 kg lady. Rangeela suggests to name doc. Veer says no.

Bhabhi with Rashmi fills pots with grocery and says after husband

and spouse’s suhagraat, these pots will likely be dropped in water praying solely boy shall be born. As son as lady will get pregnant, as a substitute of distribution, s*x dedication machine is introduced in and if woman child is discovered, then she is aborted. Shivani asks if there isn’t a regulation and order right here. Gulguli enters and says Shivani is from small city, however appears too superior, so is aware of if she is virgin or not. She ought to take a look at her virginity now with a vigorous examination. She takes shivani and different bahus to residing space and asks Shivani to stroll on burning coal to show her virginity. Shivani begins crying. Gulguli says she has another choice, she reveals 10 laddoos and says 9 have poison and 1 doesn’t, if she eats poisoned one then she shouldn’t be virgin. Shivani cries extra. Gulguli tosses a coin and says if she will get head, she is going to stroll on burning coal and if tail, she’s going to eat laddoo. Rangeela’s buddy Baalam brings physician and says Veer despatched doc to examine Shivani’s virginity. Gulguli warns to get out, else she is going to throw burning coal on her. Bhabhi says Veer has kidnapped doc, so she ought to let her test Shivani. Gulguli agrees. Doc takes Shivani right into a room.

Rangeela continues massing Veer and Veer says his therapeutic massage labored wonders and asks how did he get physician’s thought. Rangeela reminisces Bhabhi and Gulguli discussing about Shivani’s virginity take a look at. He kidnaps doc and guarantees he’ll drop her again protected if she helps him, asks Baalam to take her in. He tells Veer that Berahampur persons are utilizing AK47, then why ought to they used outdated strategies as a substitute of physician. Veer says at present is his suhagraat and entire night time on line casino will probably be open.

Doc comes out. Gulguli asks if result’s constructive or adverse. Doc say optimistic and says on this fashionable period, she stil believes in superstition, it’s actually unhealthy. Gulguli yells and asks servant to deliver wood rod. Doc runs away. Rangeela blindfolds her once more and asks Baalam to drop her again residence safely. Doc says on this merciless village, he’s a ray of hope.

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