Gangaa 9th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Gangaa 9th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Ganga assures Aashi at some point she would discover a guy and can assume that is the proper guy for her. Aashi asks if Ganga felt the similar when she first met Shiv.
Later, Shiv arrives house early for dinner. Dai Maa tells Ganga she knowledgeable Shiv about her dinner catch 22 situation. Ganga serves meals for Shiv. They listen a bell out of doors, Dai Maa wonders who got here so past due at night time calling for justice. An previous woman rung the bell whilst her son lay injured badly. Shiv comes out to inquire the woman. The woman says Shiv’s father all the time helped the deficient with loans, lately her son used to be crushed badly for now not returning her debted mortgage. The males got here from Shiv’s space, Raaju reminded them about PrataDev’s promise for the following two months however he used to be crushed badly. Shiv seems to be against Pratab, then joins his palms in apology to the woman. Lady

used to be positive Shiv can’t do that. Shiv says he’s going to get punished for such conduct together with her son. He calls Birju to deliver the stick, takes his blouse off and tells the woman to overcome him up to Raju used to be crushed. The woman used to be reluctant. Shiv says there will have to be equivalent justice for each and every of them; if the woman doesn’t Birju will have to do that. Birju used to be reluctant as smartly then beats Shiv until his frame bleeds. Jhumki whispers to Pratab he may have been at Shiv’s position if any person knew who used to be liable for all this. Ganga hears this, then tells Dai Maa she will have to inform everybody about it. Its Pratab’s mistake. Dai Maa cries that Shiv additionally know its Pratab’s mistake, he all the time does so in love for Pratab. Ganga used to be disappointed about this type of love, she heads on however Savitri steps ahead ahead of. She proclaims if her son dedicated a mistake, even she will have to get the punishment. The woman says she doesn’t want such justice, they’re smartly mindful Shiv can’t do such unjust to them. Shiv provides the woman time for 2 months, and if anyone come to call for cash she will have to come immediately to him. The woman leaves. Savitri asks Shiv why he did such injustice to himself and sends Pratab to get physician. Shiv forbids him pronouncing he would get superb through putting dust over his bruises.
Ganga watches Shiv putting dust over his bruised again. She will get water and towel pronouncing she wishes to wash then first, and sits to lend a hand Shiv. She says she will’t perceive his justice; everybody understood who did this. It used to be Pratab, he had ordered beating of Raaju. Shiv replies he is aware of smartly. Ganga questions why Shiv put himself in hassle. Shiv insists what topic is that the error used to be dedicated via a circle of relatives member. Pratab is irresponsible, Ganga insists if he provides benefits to Pratab he would by no means be informed from his errors. Shiv says like Ganga gained’t have the ability to separate dust from water, and each will have to endure if one is in hassle. He is the person who will have to beef up Pratab’s errors, and requests Ganga now not to speak about it with any person at house.
The subsequent morning, Pratab comes downstairs and used to be passing by way of the Pooja. Shiv stops him to talk to him, he says no matter came about the day past wasn’t just right. Pratab used to be about to disclaim, however realizes Shiv already knew concerning the fact. Shiv broadcasts that any more, Pratab will have to get his signed orders to take cash from any person.
Radhika and Ganga move out to pick out mangoes in combination. Radhika climbs the tree however used to be not able to succeed in any ripe one. Ganga urges Radhika to take a look at hiking up. Radhika asks Ganga to make an try. Ganga reaches up at the tree and reaches the higher mango, however whilst coming down her foot slips. Shiv watches Ganga about to fell off. Radhika used to be giggling, Shiv additionally laughs observing Ganga drooling off the tree stem. Everyone from the home accrued. Shiv laughed. Dai Maa used to be satisfied Shiv has laughed so after such a lot of years. Ganga requires lend a hand, Shiv runs to rescue her from falling off and takes her into his palms. Ganga thank you him as he puts her down. Shiv leaves for some paintings. Dai Maa involves Ganga and says she did a miracle, as Shiv laughed after 3 years simply as a result of her.

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