Gangaa 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Gangaa 6th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Ganga hears Ankul challenging his mom to take him to washroom. His mom provides his drugs to consume. Ankul calms down, Ganga says Ankul is mentally vulnerable.
The circle of relatives were amassed at house when Ankul comes out of doors together with his mom. Ganga questions Ankul why he doesn’t pass to washroom on my own. Ankul says his mom says he’s a kid and shouldn’t pass any place on my own. The circle of relatives used to be enraged, Shiv tells Ankul and his mom to go away their space directly. Kushal issues Jhumki introduced this proposal. Jhumki used to be offensive that Kushal is blaming her and she or he didn’t do it intentionally. Aashi comes downstairs and thank you Ganga for saving her lifestyles as soon as once more. Kushal says no matter Ganga did proves Ganga cares for Aashi, she didn’t even need Aashi to be disgraced of their circle of relatives and stayed silent. Savitri is going

to test if Ankul’s circle of relatives has left or now not.
Ganga used to be about to go away too when Shiv stops her. He takes a small bag and ties a bead with Ganga’s mangal sooter for gratifying her promise to offer protection to the circle of relatives. Later, Ganga used to be arguing Kushal for promoting the greens on top costs. Kushal will pay him as in keeping with call for, and reminds Ganga she is the spouse of Shiv. They then talk about about sarees, Kushal asks Ganga why she didn’t put on the saree Shiv had talented her and asks if she purchased one thing for Shiv. He now takes a depart. Ganga counts she best had 20 rupees, then watches some pots in entrance of her and will get an concept.
At house, Ganga involves Shiv within the saree he purchased her. She gifts Shiv with the present she purchased him. Shiv throws it at the back of him out of rage, and tells him to not convey those plant life to him ever. Jhumki used to be satisfied gazing this. Dai Maa is going to place the flame off the plant life. Dai Maa asks Ganga why she purchased those plants. Ganga says Shiv were given her saree, so she additionally introduced those plant life. Dai Maa says for Shiv, those flora are the reminiscences that also pierce him. Shiv liked those plant life, Parvati used to visit a far flung position to get those plants for him; since that day he hates those plant life. Ganga used to be dissatisfied what she did undeliberatly.
Shiv involves a room with packed baggage. He opens Parvati’s suitcase and opens a field with Parvati’s notes. He takes one to learn it, ‘Parvati wrote his happiness issues probably the most for him, God best provides a unmarried probability to are living fortuitously and one will have to by no means lose that opportunity. She would feel free gazing him satisfied.’ Shiv used to be silently crying, Ganga brings a tumbler of water for him. He hides his face the opposite direction. Ganga takes a seat there and apologizes for now not figuring out. Shiv says it wasn’t her mistake, she didn’t know; he regretted for shouting at her. Ganga recommend they will have to say a sorry in combination, this is able to finish the topic. Shiv calls it childishness. Ganga says this is able to lighten his center, and counts until 3 to mention a sorry. Shiv doesn’t say Sorry. She counts once more, this time each say a Sorry in combination. Ganga asks if he favored it, he nods. Ganga stocks with Shiv she used to be in point of fact afraid as a result of his anger, however now not she could also be enlightened. She lets in him to spend a while together with his reminiscences and leaves now not traumatic him.
Pratab and Savitri mentioned about faculty that may lift Shiv’s same old within the eyes of villagers. Savitri plans one thing evil day after today.
The subsequent morning, Ganga brings tea for Shiv who used to be busy with paintings. She asks if there’s some rigidity. Shiv says they have got very much less staff, particularly women. Ganga asks if she will have to come there. Pratab says their daughters by no means paintings out of doors, Shiv can’t permit her. Ganga asks if she needs to lend a hand for a just right reason, what’s improper with this. Who would lend a hand Shiv if now not their circle of relatives? Pratab used to be about to copy that she will’t paintings, however Shiv says she will paintings and tells her to get in a position via nine am. Ganga used to be satisfied.
Ganga lay the primary brick basis of faculty at the side of Shiv. Shiv congratulates everybody round, Ganga lend a hand with the paintings, Radhika additionally got here there and serves everybody with water.

PRECAP: The wall fell over Shiv and he used to be trapped underneath. Ganga comes calling the folk round for lend a hand, Shiv used to be injured.

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