Gangaa 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 27th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The deficient woman watches Shiv making ready for Pooja and thinks about making Ganga faint by way of the stick and scouse borrow her jewellry. She stalks Ganga however Ganga used to be alert of a few presence at the back of her. The woman follows once more and about to hit Ganga when Ganga turns round. The woman drops the stick. Shiv had simply pop out and suspects one thing improper, he asks the woman about her drawback and tells her to head inside of. The woman walks in.
The previous woman denies going inside of however a person at Math sends her inside of. Baba used to be distributing alms. Kushaal watches Riya’s telephone ringing. Ganga is available in to prevent the previous woman. She arms her jewellry to the previous woman and tells her to present those to her daughter. She heard her chatting with Jhumki, she didn’t talk as a result of she didn’t know if she used to be being true. The previous woman tells Ganga she

isn’t value this jewellry. Ganga says she is a not unusual woman, she doesn’t as smartly deserve this jewellry. She is certain Parvati would feel free to peer her daughter in want dressed in those jewels. Baba says he will have to see what Ganga want for. Riya speaks on telephone asking how she will come presently. Kushaal stood at the back of her, Riya seems to be fearful. She makes up she best got here to stroll in recent air. Kushaal insists on her and take her inside of. He used to be perplexed himself, Riya used to be nervous to get out of right here. He snatches the telephone off her hand and asks what she has been hiding from him. He seems to be into her telephone, Riya tells him to stick away of this topic. She married him as a result of he used to be in a position to stick at her mum or dad’s, she idea he would paintings like his brothers to get somewhat recognize. He used to be her remaining hope to get the honour that sons are given, however he became out to be a daughter in regulation of this space. He may just additionally now not flip her right into a mom, she wishes to provide this circle of relatives its first inheritor. Tears fell off Kushaal’s eyes as smartly. Riya says she would take all of the cash from these days and would do anything else to get her popularity in the home.
Shiv takes idol from a trunk and palms it to Baba to be taken for Pooja. Riya makes up she isn’t smartly and asks to head house Kushaal dryly lets in her. Shiv takes Kushaal alongside to deliver milk can for idol’s bathing. Baba pours the milk however the gold idol turns black. Everyone used to be apprehensive. Savitri asks who stole the idol, Ganga used to be nervous who would scouse borrow the idol. Shiv joins his arms to everybody and asks for a while to inquire concerning the topic.
Savitri wonders how somebody may just scouse borrow the idol. Baba asks if any person took the idol out, when packed. Shiv says he has the keys. Jhumki recalls Ganga got here right here within the morning to pack the presents. Ganga denies being such grasping. Shiv says they shouldn’t accuse someone and not using a evidence. He spots a material piece stick within the trunk’s aspect. Kushaal says it’s a saree piece. Savitri asks if Shiv wishes any other evidence now. She accuses Ganga. Tears fell of Ganga’s eyes. Shiv interrupts pronouncing he trusts Ganga utterly, she hasn’t accomplished this. Kushaal is going out of doors with the material piece, he fits the saree with Riya’s garments and used to be surprised. Riya had simply entered the room Kushaal questions her about it, Riya turns out clueless. He deters to visit inform everybody. Riya says a Baba promised her that during go back to this idol, he would make her give start to a son. Their son can be a MathaDesh after Shiv. Kushaal drags Riya to inform fact to everybody. Riya says she nonetheless has than idol, she concealed it within the fields dug beneath the soil. She cries in entrance of him together with her palms joint. Kushaal prerequisites she will have to lend a hand him convey Shiv and Ganga nearer.
Ganga runs against the fields crying. The sizzling solar make her fell un a dug hollow.

PRECAP: Shiv involves lend a hand Ganga and save her from a snake. The snake bites Shiv.

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