Gangaa 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Gangaa 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Sagar tells Ganga he would go away this position quickly, he doesn’t need to put them in a lot hassle anymore. Savitri smiles staring at this and thinks he can’t depart this position silently.

Savitri used to be making ready for the following ritual of fasting and says all of the couples would provide Prasad to Shiv ji. She sends Radhika to convey Sagar. Jhumki wonders why she didn’t listen this ritual prior to. Riya says there was so much unusual of their space for a couple of days and issues against Jhumki’s lie.

Savitri takes an envelope from beneath the rug to an aspect cautiously and puts it underneath the cushion. She asks Sagar if he’s leaving, and tells him to go away after Shiv’s case has been resolved. Sagar says he doesn’t really feel like staying right here anymore. Savitri is going to instruct the servant and poses to discover a letter

beneath the cushion. She brings it to Sagar and asks if that is one thing necessary? Sagar reads the letter and unearths his photograph in it. Sagar used to be elated to seek out his Ganga’s photograph. Savitri says Shiv used to be in reality nervous about dropping this photograph. Sagar says this used to be the one id of his Ganga left. Savitri used to be satisfied to peer him satisfied, she tells him concerning the ritual and gives him to wish for his spouse that if she is alive, she will have to go back to him. Sagar thank you Savitri anyway and says he will have to in finding Ganga. Savitri insists on him to stick for another day, and hugs him asking to believe her as a mom. Sagar used to be nonetheless now not in a position, however Savitri decisively broadcasts he would keep for the Pooja. She provides the photograph to Muneem to get it enlarged. She then is going to provide this information to Ganga.

Savitri involves Shiv and Ganga’s room. She informs him about having discovered the misplaced photograph of Sagar and his spouse. Shiv cheers. Savitri says Sagar snatched the photograph from her and didn’t let her see this, she informed him they are going to stay a Pooja for his spouse as smartly. Kushal involves qualify what’s the want to invite the villagers, Savitri says it’s about Shiv’s visitors’ spouse. She joins arms to Shiv to maintain all of the preparations. Shiv says he would talk to Sagar if he’s in a position for this. Savitri walks out of doors, considering nobody can now prevent Pratab from changing into the landlord of assets and Matha Desh.

After the Pooja, Savitri brings the photograph. Sagar doesn’t permit to place the plants over the photograph as he’s positive Ganga is alive. She asks Sagar to take away the veil off the photograph. Everyone used to be surprised staring at the photograph. Shiv stood at the back of Sagar, and used to be stunned once he watches the photograph. He shouts out of rage what funny story is that this, how is Ganga there on this photograph. Savitri asks Sagar what’s he pronouncing, this can be a sin.

Ganga will get flashes from the drowning in Ganga. Sagar asks what came about to them, that is his Ganga, his spouse. Ganga used to be additionally surprised to listen to. Sagar says he didn’t insult any person, he had already passed this photograph to Shiv. This is his Ganga. Shiv holds Sagar’s collar forbidding him to name Ganga as his. Shiv says that is anyone else’s spouse’s photograph. Sagar now clutches Shiv’s hand.

PRECAP: Shiv says his father made him marry Ganga. He holds a gun over Sagar however Ganga comes to prevent Shiv. Her veil is going off and Sagar confronts Ganga.

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