Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Ganga follows Radhika’s voice. The thieves make Radhika subconscious and suggests about getting cash by contrast woman’s kidnap now. The in finding Ganga coming against the room, then unearths an opportunity to escape. Ganga spots them wearing Radhika downstairs and calls Radhika. She then walks inside of to wake Shiv and everybody, she says Radhika used to be abducted. Savitri questions the place they’re going. Shiv informs her about Radhika’s whinge and head at the back of Radhika. Ganga holds his hand insisting to return alongside. Shiv used to be moved as she held his hand, then informs him about being close to the jeep.
The thieves plan to cover someplace and contact Shiv for cash.
In the automobile, Ganga asks Shiv what if they have got abducted Radhika for cash. She suggests they will have to have left the village. The jeep stops via directly, Shiv

is going to test for the issue. Radhika wakes up within the automotive, calling her Maa and Papa. They doesn’t concentrate as she is a minor. Shiv regrets because the cord of vehicle has burnt. Radhika’s automotive passes at the back of Ganga, Radhika knocks on the door of the automobile at the back of her. Ganga spots the person and acknowledges the thief as Math. She stocks with Shiv she suspected this guy. Shiv used to be alert and calls Math. He calls Muneem to search for the person within the Math.
Radhika bites the person’s hand and stuffs the driving force’s face together with her dupatta who suffocated and the automobile is going out of stability. Shiv and Ganga pass on the lookout for Radhika on foot. Ganga tells Shiv to stroll forward, she is going to stroll slowly and insists about it. Shiv wasn’t in a position to go away her on my own, they are attempting to rent an auto or cab. Shiv stops a automotive and will get in.
Savitri involves Math with circle of relatives.
They automotive of thieves used to be out of order, one among them deters Radhika and drags her out of the automobile. Radhika run from their grip into the fields and conceal there.
Shiv reaches the automobile and unearths it damaged. They go searching calling Radhika’s identify. Shiv makes Ganga take a seat and calls Radhika around the fields. Radhika replies to his name, however involves war of words with the goon. Ganga makes a decision to head directly to search for Radhika and unearths the goons in entrance of her.
After some time, Ganga will get mindful and unearths herself tied with tree. Radhika were tied with some other tree. The thieves talk about that now Shiv will have to identify his locker after them, else they’re going to kill either one of those women. They depart the timber. Shiv arrive from at the back of and whispers at them to run against the town, then is going to a hiding once more as he had already referred to as the police. The thieves come to scolds Radhika for being stressed. Ganga and Radhika’s ropes were untied. They come in combination. Shiv puts a rod at the thief’s shoulder and beat them, the 3 assault at Shiv in combination. Shiv fights smartly however they beat the again of his head with a rod. Radhika and Ganga transfer ahead with massive picket sticks, Shiv cheers heading the siren of police van. The inspector takes Shiv and circle of relatives alongside to be dropped house. Shiv involves hug Radhika.

PRECAP: Pratab used to be curt sharing he needs to kill Ganga. Savitri says she is going to kill Ganga additionally if wanted. The subsequent morning, Savitri tells Ganga to prepare dinner for Pandits as the following problem.

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