Gangaa 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Gangaa 16th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Savitri used to be disappointed as she will’t see her elder son pass any place. She asks Ganga why she didn’t prevent Shiv and broadcasts nobody would go away this space. She will suicide in the event that they don’t settle for her orders. Shiv has the same opinion, Sagar smiles approvingly. Kushal thank you the attorney and different village individuals. Shiv thank you Sagar as best few other folks lend a hand others. He thinks as though he and Sagar are hooked up thru a thread. Sagar appears against Ganga and says he did most effective what a just right attorney will have to do. Shiv says he gained’t relaxation till they in finding Sagar’s spouse and daughter.
In the room, Sagar watches the hoop Ganga had talented him and used to be nonetheless in his ring. He thinks he has not anything than her reminiscences, and this ring. He kiss the hoop which drops off his hand. Ganga had arrived into the room with Dai Maa. Dai Maa palms the hoop again

to Sagar. Sagar thank you him, as its in point of fact valuable, his spouse’s id. Ganga tells him to not fear, he’s going to quickly in finding his spouse. Dai Maa calls him for dinner. Ganga watches Sagar and the hoop whilst leaving, however Sagar used to be now not taking a look against her then.
Savitri slaps Pratab on the yard, he all the time play false pranks. Pratab complains to Savitri for preventing Shiv. Savitri says her villagers will have to have long past towards her had she now not stopped Shiv. Pratab used to be now not in a position to take any recommendation from Savitri. Savitri clutches his neck, then cries helplessly. She asks why he all the time flip Shiv into a super guy, he will have to take Savitri’s consent in any of his acts.
Shiv in search of a record. There, Pratab jumped right into a room in the course of the window and seemed for some document. He takes pictures from a few of the ones information. There, Shiv used to be strolling against the Math into the similar room. Pratab held a torch gentle when Shiv enters. Pratab had hidden underneath the mattress there. Shiv thinks concerning the photograph Sagar had given. Ganga calls him to speed as Sagar needs to have dinner with him. Shiv turns to go away. Pratab cautiously comes out, he used to be maintaining the envelope in his hand.
In the kitchen, Ganga used to be stressed and wonders why she feels so. She senses somebody from her previous very just about her. In the room, Sagar coughs whilst gazing some information. Ganga has flashes from her previous with Sagar. Sagar unearths the jug used to be empty and is going against the kitchen to get water whilst he coughs badly. Ganga used to be dizzy, the flashes get bright. Sagar enters the kitchen from at the back of, Ganga covers her head and face with a veil once more. Sagar apologizes and asks for water. Ganga seems against his ring and wonders why she is all the time stressed each time Sagar is close to. Sagar asks her for water. Savitri reaches and asks what he needs from right here, she pours water for Sagar and says there are a large number of servants at house. In their space, males don’t input the kitchen specifically the strangers. Sagar leaves apologetic. Savitri instructs Ganga to serve the dinner, there can be rapid from middle of the night.
Jhumki involves the room that nobody would work out she isn’t pregnant. Riya stands there and provides her a different drugs jumbled together milk. Jhumki poses to be vulnerable, and asks Riya to place some nuts in it.
Shiv and Sagar sat for dinner. Savitri tells Ganga to speed up as the women additionally need to consume later. Ganga pours kheer for Sagar however drops her spoon. Shiv and Savitri ask if Ganga is ok. Shiv boasts about Ganga’s kheer. Sagar recalls Ganga bringing kheer to him as soon as and informed him to pass judgement on which is made by way of her. Sagar stated all fours are hers. Her hair strangled together with his blouse whilst they hugged. Shiv notices he used to be misplaced, Sagar takes a chew and turns round in astonishment. He coughs once more. Shiv says if Sagar didn’t just like the kheer. Shiv takes a chew, then makes a nasty face pronouncing there’s salt within the kheer. Savitri name callings what came about to Ganga. Ganga is going to get it proper. She involves style the kheer and wonders how Sagar were consuming. She wonders why he irritates her through his presence and she or he will get to peer unclear footage. She splashes water onto her face, her reminiscence recollects the twist of fate in Ganga and Sagar’s calls. She loses her stability because the water used to be floating. Sagar stands up and turns against his room, he wonders why he used to be looking for Ganga’s kheer style. He used to be positive time would take Sagar to Ganga, he’s restlessly looking ahead to that second.
In the room, Ganga sat disappointed. Why it feels she has already met. His face, his arms appear to be hooked up to her previous. Shiv enters the room then, she tells Shiv about getting the ones flashes from the previous. She used to be disappointed that she doesn’t have in mind anything else from her previous. Shiv says she used to be harm at head, perhaps that’s the rationale. Her restlessness would building up with over considering. Shiv tells her to take drugs, then is going to deliver it into the room for her. Ganga used to be satisfied about his fear.
Sagar thinks Shiv would additionally lend a hand him in finding Ganga and calls Ganga. Each of his breathe says his steps are shifting against her, he’s positive to succeed in her quickly. Shiv brings meals for Ganga. He makes her take a seat with him on flooring and places chew into her mouth. Sagar walks downstairs and watches Shiv taking care of his spouse. Ganga’s again used to be against Sagar. Sagar calls Ganga very fortunate to have Shiv as her husband.

PRECAP: Ganga leaves some bangles at a store for being pricey. Sagar watches Shiv purchase them. He used to be crossing the street when a automotive hits Shiv however he anyway saves the bangles. Sagar says he may have purchased another bangles, however Shiv says Ganga favored them. Sagar tells Shiv he has began to like Ganga.

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