England and Wales has highest imprisonment rate in western Europe

Incarceration rate of 148.three prisoners consistent with 100,000 other folks is nearly 3 times that of the Netherlands

The prison population in England and Wales
The jail inhabitants in England and Wales

England and Wales has the highest rate of imprisonment in western Europe, in line with the Council of Europe’s annual penal statistics.

The jail inhabitants in England and Wales has stabilised at just about 86,000 in fresh years however the incarceration rate, at 148.three prisoners according to 100,000 inhabitants, stays upper than in Spain (137.nine), France (98.three), Italy (86.four) and Germany (77.four).

The Council of Europe figures, revealed on Tuesday, display the age of legal duty stays decrease in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, at 10 years, than any place else in Europe with the exception of for Switzerland, the place it’s also 10.


They additionally display that a upper percentage of convicted inmates in England and Wales are serving sentences for attack and battery (16%), rape (eight.five%) and different sexual offences (7.three%) – greater than double the European averages of nine.three%, three.nine% and three.7%.

The urge for food for imprisonment has been falling with general choice of other folks held in prisons throughout 45 European nations losing via 6.eight% to one.four million in 2015, the respectable figures display.

The highest incarceration rate in Europe is in the Russian Federation with 439 according to 100,000 inhabitants, adopted through Lithuania (277), Georgia (274), Azerbaijan (249), Latvia (223), Turkey (220) and Moldova (219).

The lowest charges are in the Netherlands (53), Finland (54.eight), Denmark (56.1) and Sweden (58.6)

The Council of Europe jail statistics ascertain that England and Wales has the highest percentage of prisoners – 10.2% – serving lifestyles sentences in Europe. Other European nations don’t use such indeterminate sentences in the similar approach. There have been 7,439 life-sentenced prisoners in England and Wales on 1 September 2015 when compared with 1,883 in Germany, 1,611 in Italy and 1,804 in Russia.

The statistics compiled via the Space challenge at Lausanne University display that the typical jail inhabitants rate stood at 134.7 according to 100,000 in 2015, a 7% decline over the former yr.

The most vital discounts came about in Greece, the place the jail inhabitants dropped through greater than 18%; in Croatia, the place it used to be down 10%; in Denmark (down 11%); Northern Ireland (down nine.7%); and the Netherlands (down nine.five%).

The largest will increase have been in Georgia (up 20.five%), Macedonia (up 12%), Turkey (up 11%) and Czech Republic (additionally up 11%).

Despite falling jail numbers throughout Europe acute overcrowding stays an issue in 15 nations out of the 45 who took phase in the survey.

Drug offences stay the most typical for which prisoners were imprisoned in European jails, representing 18.7% of the full inhabitants. The maximum not unusual sentence being served is between one to 3 years.

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