Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Eokay Vivah Aisa Bhi 10th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Sindhoora gathers entire circle of relatives to observe 25th wedding ceremony anniversary pics (in fact display Sahil and Sanju’s intimate pics). Ranveer returns house from school and says Sahil that he wishes to talk to him. Sindhoora says they’re going to watch pics first. Servant brings snacks. Family funny story and Sindhoora begins image slide. They all fortuitously watch birthday celebration pics when Sindhoora performs Sahil puffing cigs after which his and Sanju’s intimate pics. Bade papa will get angrily and orders to near it. Sindhoora acts that faraway isn’t running. Manan shuts slide. Sahil tries to go away, however Bade papa stops him. Sahil says those are incorrect pics, Sanjana is making an attempt to lure her. Sindhoora says Kalavathi despatched those pics the day past itself and she or he even deleted it, however then it’s Sanju’s lifestyles’s factor. Ranveer thinks mother

is mendacity as she feels it’s best option to categorical fact. Sahil says many times that Sanjana is trapping her, however no one listens to him. Sindoora says she and maasa/daadi noticed Sahil with Sanjana dancing in detail. Sahil says any person combined bhang in his drink. Ranveer says he’s mendacity, even he, Manan, and Niharika that they had thandai with him. Manan says Ranveer is true. Bade papa order Nupur and Brijesh to any determination after considering smartly. Nupur begins crying and Brijesh consoles right here. Sindoora smirks that her plan is a success.

Sahil angrily will get into Nupur’s room and takes out 20 lakhs from locker and calls Sanju. Sanju sees Suman and silently is going apart and selections name. Sahil asks her to return to a few park presently. She says right now. Sahil says sure. Sanju silently walks out. Suman asks the place is she going. Sanju says Sahil has referred to as to a few lawn. Suman says she is going to accompany her. Sahil is set to get into automotive when Ranveer stops him and insists to accompany him. Sahil will get him into automotive and reaches park, warns Ranveer to not pop out of vehicle and is going to satisfy Sanju.

Suman reaches lawn with Sanju. Sanju is going to satisfy Sahil. Sahil provides her 20 lakhs and asks to eliminate his lifestyles. Sanju stands in a surprise. Sahil says he knew she is at the back of his cash. Suman watches that from a distance, is going and returns Sahil’s cash bag. Ranveer sees Suman and rushes at the back of her. Suman yells at Sahil that Sanju loves him really and he needs to shop for he love. She yells at Ranveer that he’s serving to his brother. She leaves with Sanju. Kalavathi waits eagerly out of doors space. Suman reaches with Sanju. Kalavathi shouts the place that they had been at night time. Sanju says to satisfy Sahil and tells her entire tale. Suman says Sahil sought after to shop for Sanju’s love, so she returned cash. Kalavathi yells Sahil would now not marry Sanju both tactics, they will have to have were given 20 lakhs no less than. She shouts at Suman to get out of her space at this time.

Ranveer takes Sahil house and scolds that Sanju loves him, however he used to be making an attempt to shop for her love. Sahil says it’s his lifestyles’s factor. Ranveer says it’s even Sanju’s are living factor and he did a large mistake through stealing cash. Sindhoora hears their dialog and informs bade papa and badi maa. She brainwashes them utterly. Bade papa orders badi maa to inform Nupur and Brijesh to start out Sahil and Sanju’s marriage preparations.

Kalavathi continues yelling at Suman and orders to get out of her space at this time. Sindhoora calls her and asks to start out marriage preparations as Suman’s act has pressured Mittal circle of relatives to agree for Sahil and Sanju’s marriage. Kalavathi praises Sindhoora that she fastened drawback. Sanju says credit score is going to bhabhi.

Next morning, Veer insists Suman that he needs to head for a cricket follow fit. Suman says k. Veer calls Ranveer and says he needs to head for cricket follow fit and wishes his lend a hand. Ranveer says he’s going to meet him at five p.m. Veer will get learn for cricket. Suman asks him to not take meals from any stranger, watch out, and so forth. Veer is going out and meets Ranveer. Ranveer teaches him cricket. Suman sees a person playinn cricket with Veeer, however does now not realize his face. She rushes against them.

Precap: Sindhoora tells Mittal circle of relatives that Antara will have to be married to Manan. Nupur asks how can this occur. Sanju provides ethical gyaan to her categories mate. Ranveer will get inspired and extends friendship hand. She thinks.

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