Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Laila involves the room and used to be about to damage a vase when Rani got here at the back of her. She tells Laila she isn’t scared of her, she lied to Raja most effective as a result of she is aware of Laila has a transparent center. She has noticed how great Laila is. If she give her damage to fill, she would feel sorry about no matter she is doing. Laila tells Naina individuals are both idiots or crafty, she doesn’t feel sorry about what she has completed. Naina says she would at some point, she is going to wait however Raja gained’t. Laila used to be about to slap Naina whilst she holds her hand and says she gained’t wreck over her situation. She used to be neither vulnerable, nor she is going to once more be. She gave Laila a final probability and would by no means lie for her once more. Laila watches Naina depart.
In the hall, Rekha urges Naina to provide it a unmarried check out. Naina used to be positive it might harm, however as Rekha insists

she tries to get up. Raja comes to carry Naina up, then makes her get seated once more. Rekha used to be at a verge of crying, as what if Naina had fallen. Raja assures Rekha he’s going to check out with Naina, then comes to face in entrance of her. Naina says she doesn’t need any person’s make stronger, Raja qualifies he got here as a significant other.
Laila presentations Nani a powdered desk in a bottle, she says this pill takes an individual into illusionary global. An individual would possibly harm the opposite individual in two to 4 doses. She used to be made up our minds to show Laila as mentally disables. Nani used to be fearful.
Raja provides a hand to Naina. She appears helpless, Raja says they may be able to’t stop to transport on with the worry of falling. He holds Naina’s foot and puts them over his footwear and drags her to face as regards to him and slowly dances together with her. Her ft pain. Naina will get into an phantasm of dancing with Raja. As her day dream breaks she doesn’t in finding Raja round. Raja smiles at her from a nook, then walks against her posing as though to fell down. Naina stands up out of fear. Raja asks her to return to him, she takes some small steps and used to be about to fell off. Raja holds her once more, assuring he would all the time be there together with her.
On the dinner desk, Nani watches Raja feeding a chew to Vikrant. He used to be afraid to peer her. Raja tells Naina to not position the colour in their worries onto youngsters’s center. Nani silently joins them. Naina asks about Laila. There, Laila involves Raja’s room, Lotus sat out of doors his room. Nani says Laila would consume in her room, Raja appears upstairs questioning why the lighting fixtures of the room are off. Raja is going to test for Laila. Laila involves the boy securing Raja’s room, and tells him to kill the spider in Vikrant’s room. The boys is going to test. Laila enters Raja’s room and replaces Naina’s drugs bottle with hers. The boy returns bringing a spider in his hand. Laila thank you him and leaves. Raja watches Laila consuming water within the hall, and unearths the whole thing in position. He involves the boy and asks if the entirety is ok? The boy replies definitely. Laila thinks Raja and Naina would by no means be capable of succeed in her tips.
In the room, Raja asks Naina if she took her medications and asks why she all the time look forward to him for her medications. Naina thinks she wouldn’t were in a position to talk to him day by day differently. Laila watches Raja stuff the drugs into Naina’s mouth. Naina has a dream about Vijay at night time, she wakes up screaming. Raja involves her whilst she stored on screaming. Raja even slaps Naina however she most effective cried. Raja tries to wake her up, pronouncing its Raja. He is together with her, nobody can harm her. Naina involves realization and lay down. Raja lay down but even so her on mattress. Naina clutches his hand whilst slumbering, Raja holds it again. She then strikes to his chest. Naina says I really like you Raja, he says I really like you Rani. Naina wakes up, then turns round crying. Raja turns the lighting fixtures off and leaves.

PRECAP: Raja hears Vikrant’s name for lend a hand. Naina sends Raja away. Someone pulls the rope of Naina’s boat that now floats into water.

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