Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Rani signals Naina about Vijay and tells her to take them away. Vijay runs at the back of them. Laila used to be nervous about Raja when she watches Raja and Naina arrive with Raaj Mata. She asks if her home is an orphanage, Raja interrupts her to close up. He can undergo anything else however his Dadu’s insult. Laila wasn’t in a position to prevent, Raja pushes Laila inside of her room and locks her there. Naina follows Raja to his room and knocks from out of doors. Rani involves Naina and requests her to visit Dadu, she herself passes the door into Raja’s room.
Inside, Raja cries over the mattress. Rani additionally cries sitting beside him. Raja says his love got here out to be in reality vulnerable. Rani speaks to Raja that had it been in reality vulnerable, he will have to now not have this ache in his center. Raaj Mata involves Naina and asks if she loves Raja a

lot? Naina says she idea she loves Raja, however nowadays she learned Rani’s love used to be so robust for Raja. Raaj Mata will get tear eyed, pronouncing Rani’s love used to be… Naina’s love is. Her Rani can’t go back, their love tale has ended now. Raja appears at Naina and asks if Rani continues to be there? He want to see her as soon as, and contact her. Naina asks if she can also be noticed via Raja, Rani says Raja as soon as noticed her when Naina left his wedding ceremony and he used to be on the lookout for her. Naina says even Rani needs to return to him, she thinks about an concept. She asks if she will get into her frame. Raja says Naina doesn’t do that, Rani used to be additionally now not in a position as this will put her lifestyles at stake. Naina says her explanation why to stick is to get two enthusiasts hooked up. She will get seated, Rani enters her frame.
It used to be Rani in Naina’s frame now. She stands as much as Raja, calling him Raja Baja and holds his hand. Tears fell off Raja’s eyes as they hang each and every different’s hand intently. They hug each and every different, Raja kiss over her brow. He says she would possibly have ended, however his love for her didn’t die. Rani says love by no means ends and leaves. Naina watches her move, and tells Raja she were given freed.
Laila tells the men about Raja’s grandmother. They move inside of to satisfy her. Laila alerts somebody to return inside of. A person with coated face enters the gates.
In the corridor, Vikrant asks Raaj Mata if she is in reality the Raaj Mata. Rekha used to be excited if she had an elephant, and an enormous palace. Raaj Mata says there used to be a time it used to be. She says her palace used to be precisely the similar, Raja left no stones unturned. Raja says he were given the palace however may just by no means flip it house. Laila sits there misplaced. He says he has made up our minds, everybody left him however he gained’t let her depart this position. Vikrant calls for to listen to a tale. Raaj Mata narrates Rana ji and Rani Gayatri’s tale, there used to be a time Amirkot.
Naina sits within the room when the person in cover comes to place chloroform over her face. Raja stands up, assuring Vikrant he can be again. He says he will have to ask Naina about tale as smartly. Laila replies curtly that Naina will have to have fallen asleep. Raaj Mata says Naina has noticed a lot in previous 12 hours, they will have to let her take relaxation.
The kidnapper holds Naina over his shoulder.

PRECAP: It used to be Vijay who had abducted Naina.


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